I am a firm believer of many things. I am a firm believer that there is more to travel than just seeing sights; it's about the experiences and the small but distinct change that it creates inside of you. I am a firm believer that the world is a beautiful and amazing place with a million little secrets to be discovered. I am a firm believer in humanity and its capacity to amaze and astound me. I am a firm believer that one dessert is never enough.

My goal with this blog is to share with you not only the sights, sounds and tastes from my travel, but also everything else that comes along with it. From the little self-realizations to the life-altering discoveries. Everything.

One thing I love most about traveling is seeking out on my own hidden gems that can make my heart soar. These treasures can come in the form of a delicious local restaurant tucked away in a back alley or a quaint cafe with a comfy chair, a delicious blend of tea and an eclectic book collection. I want to encourage YOU to find "secret" places for yourself! Travel is far more fun and rewarding if you make your own discoveries!
These priceless discoveries can be ANYTHING. It can take form as an old man's invitation to afternoon tea and conversation, an impromptu photography session with young Buddhist monks, or a day of playing in the sand with children where the only communication is laughter.

My point is this: DON'T MISS AN OPPORTUNITY simply because it's a little out of the ordinary. You're traveling to experience the world, so jump right into it!

There are so many things waiting to be uncovered in this world. I implore you to find your own hidden treasures on your next trip, whether it's to a foreign country or just down the road for a carton of milk!


  1. Great post, and a great way to look at travel. Much of my current life philosophy was formed while living abroad, in Israel especially.

    1. So sorry for the incredibly late response! I don't know how I missed these comments! It's amazing how much your perspective can change once you take yourself out of what's familiar. =)Thanks for sharing!

  2. I definitely agree with you Connie! When I have visitors to NYC (even my immediate family) I always encourage them to explore and get lost. I discovered NYC at a young age by just getting lost and letting me feet or the train take me to new places. On the same note I love bringing friends and family to hidden gems in the city, the non-touristy places that only NYers would know about. I also have the same philosophy for myself when traveling abroad or across the U.S. I love to get lost in cities and towns, and I love meeting and traveling with locals who will show me the hidden gems of their country. Last summer I was lucky to travel with Kfir to Israel, and since he is a native, I got the chance to go to very special places that only natives would know about. I think both things are very important when traveling... getting lost and finding a native.

    1. Hi Kristina! Thanks for helping me prove why travel is so much more than just the sights! I hope we can explore and get lost in little corners of NYC that we've both yet to explore! See you soon!


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