Bucket List

I love making lists and on the top of my list of lists is the travel and life bucket list! Here's a work-in-progress bucket list of my personal must-dos and must-sees for life! My bucket list is ever-changing so do come back often and see what new ones have been added and which ones have been crossed off!

Anyone want to join on an adventure and help me cross off something from my ever-growing bucket list?


    1. I REALLY want to attend an Indian wedding now. Fabulous list, it's really interesting to see what parts of the world are more attractive to some people. Myself - I just want to do it all :)

    2. What a great list! I've always wanted to fly first class too! But on a longer flight so I can sleep in one of those eggs!

    3. Gosh, you've done so much! Well, at least I've gone on an African safari. And I don't know how it happened but it seems I'm flying business class to Portugal next month. I'll come back executive class, though. Ha ha!
      I really admire you, Connie. You're unstoppable!

    4. Thanks so much everyone! I think it's important to dream big, otherwise, you'll never achieve great things in your life!

    5. I agree! Everyone should dream big!! Be a visionary! Love the list! I, too, have a huge long list! Tejas refers to it as a skycraper with each floor as one of my dreams. He's like "I think we are at 96th floor now mi-an". bc I can't stop adding!
      Would LOVE to be the medical director of W.H.O. or a medical correspondent on CNN! and be a world-renowned yoga instructor and a chef...(just to name a few) :)

      I did fly first class from London-JFK and it was so awesome! I was greeted with "Mimosa? Champagne?" at 8 am! :)

      Keep rockin the list Connie!

    6. I love your list, and there are lots of things on it that are on my list as well!

      One thing I would add, but of course you don't have to, is tracking Gorillas in Uganda. I am a bit obsessed with Gorillas, but I think it would be an experience of a life time. I also want to work remotely with elephants. I am a bit animal obsessed ;-)

    7. I'm going to walk from the south of England to the north of Scotland later this year and then my plan after that is to see a country by bike! It's nice to see someone else with the bike thing on their bucket list. :)

    8. Love the bucket list - to write and share it is to confirm your commitment, great stuff! Might do one myself...

    9. very glad to find your site. im a singaporean lady and am planning to travel for the next 6 months(mainly China and Europe). but first, i have to submit the resignation letter. Quite intimidating to leave behind a comfortable job to travel alone, and i guess it is a good thing to confront one's fear?

      it is a great idea to have a bucket's list, and feel the happiness and satisfaction of striking it off one by one!



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