Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Again

After a week-long holiday split between Copenhagen and Stockholm, I arrived into Istanbul quite late and tired, having not had much sleep the night before (due to staying up late singing ABBA songs with a group of Swedes in their home) and on the flight (due to a crying baby sitting behind me but may well have been sitting on my head).

I had a lovely time (blogs to come) but I really missed Istanbul and was very happy to be back.

I didn't know how much I felt a connection to Istanbul until I came back from Stockholm. Seeing the cityscape lit up with mosques, minarets and boats along the Bosphorus as I crossed over the First bridge, a deep feeling settled inside my heart of something like coming home. Strange....but also quite a wonderful feeling. I love being able to call Istanbul home, even if it's for a short while.

Upon my arrival home, I joined Serra and Enes on the terrace and finished two strong drinks that helped me fall right to sleep. I was home indeed.

And here's a picture of tonight's amazing sunset.

© Connie Hum 2009


  1. I love that feeling. I used to have it every time I would come home from a trip to NYC. While in a taxi on my way to my apartment I would see the city skyline and I would feel alive and vibrant. Maybe you should consider staying in Turkey??? Can't wait to read about your time in Europe.

  2. Glad you had fun connie. u know what's weird...i'm back in the bay area now, and as i was driving through fremont, i felt a sense of satisfaction. i'm staying in hayward for the meantime but i still drive to fremont just because of that feeling. so many vivid memories u know...(i.e. driving down blacow and seeing your house, reminds me so much of so many things i.e. burmese noodles!)


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