Monday, August 3, 2009

Cold Turkey!

I was SUPER excited to go diving in the Gulf of Saros in Turkey this past weekend. My friend, Yusuf (left) and his cousin, Murat (right) drove me from Istanbul to Ibrice in Saros, a normal trip of 3-4 hours ended up taking over 7 hours because of the massive Istanbul traffic getting out of the city.

The dive trip was set up by a diving club in Istanbul so there were a lot of people on board. The water was a beautiful azure color and I couldn't wait to see the world below me.

Sadly, I was gravely disappointed in the dives. The water was FREEZING! I was literally shivering as I was underwater and when I got back to the surface, even the hot Turkish sun couldn't warm me up fast enough. My body shook as if I was back in Iceland, pre-Icelandic wool socks, and my extremities were a sickly shade of purple!

There wasn't a whole lot going on underwater either. Not much life or fish around. I was totally bummed as I had heard that Saros was a good area for diving. Perhaps it was just bad timing.

The highlight? On the second dive of the day, I got to go through a tunnel! I was a little apprehensive at first as I had never been through a tunnel before but THAT was pretty amazing!

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  1. Awww, I'm so sorry that your dive didn't go as well as expected! I was hoping to read that it was the dive of your life, haha! But, it's still really cool to say you've been diving in Turkey AND that you got to go through a tunnel. The 2 guys you were with weren't bad to look at either. ;-)


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