Sunday, September 26, 2010

Montage Monday: Costa Rica

Take a walk down memory lane with me on this three-photo montage highlighting my best memories from past travels!

Waking up early to enjoy the amazing sunrise in Puerto Jimenez. The changing colors in the sky were breathtaking and it was the best possible way to start off the day!

Renting a jeep, driving for hours, getting lost a number of times before finally arriving at our destination of Volcan Poas. It was an adventure getting there but a great experience nonetheless. At one stop, Christoph and I asked a store clerk what the best way to Volcan Poas was. His response: "Take the bus." We explained that we had a jeep and were driving ourselves. "What's the best way to Volcan Poas?" Again, "Take the bus!"

Costa Rican food blows my mind! It's absolutely delicious and in most cases, extremely affordable too! Eating out in the local sodas was one of my favorite things to do in Costa Rica. I can't wait to go back and enjoy the food and beaches again!

© Connie Hum 2010


  1. Okay, loved the beaches and volcanoes in CR, but definitely not the food haha. Found it to be so bland and not special. Oh well, maybe next time I go I'll get your recs! ;-)

    Great pics!!!

  2. I love Costa Rica, having spent some time in Monteverde and Montezuma. I actually really loved the food, especially gallo pinto and platanos. I remember coming home and making it with my friend. We even bought picante from there to recreate some of the flavors.

  3. Andi: I LOVED the food in CR, I can't believe you thought it was bland!

    Mary: Yum, platanos...**Drool** =)


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