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#TTOT Round-Up: Oceania

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1. Favorite area visited so far or high on the bucket list? (submitted by )
  • : Morotai and Halmahera, two undiscovered gems in Indonesia 
  • : New Zealand and Madagascar high on bucket list 
  • : Fave place visited in Oceania is Rapa Nui aka Isla de Pascu aka Easter Island
  • : Haven't been yet but learning to surf somewhere/anywhere in Oceania would be so cool 
  • : The Great Barrier Reef of course!!! Nemo is waiting for you all to visit and say Hi!!
  • : Polynesia is beautiful (especially Bora Bora) and Melanesia is fascinating. Aussies and Kiwis are great, laid-back people
MyPostcardFrom loves the Cook Islands
Q2. What is your favorite Aussie/Kiwi word or expression? (submitted by )
  • : Che Bro and Fair Dinkum. Or Suck me Sideways! 
  • : "Sweet as" is my fave 
  • : Always loved it when the Croc Hunter would say "crikey"! 
  • : I am so hungry I could eat a horse and chase the rider
  • : Goon Bag! Love that term for boxed wine!! I get an Aussie to say it every time I meet one! 
  • : Ubiquitous 'No worries' and international confusion/amusement caused by 'thongs' 
  • : I like that the "Great Australian wave" is swatting flies from your face   

Two koala bears are caught hugging by traveldudes
Q3. Unmissable cultural experience in Oceania?(submitted by )
  • : Sleep under the stars in a swag in the Simpson Desert in mid winter  
  • : Rubbing noses with a Maori man. I've got a flat nose... we ended up mashing our entire faces together 
  • : Coffee culture in Australia and New Zealand. Love the cafes, top notch coffee! 
  • : Getting fire dancing lessons in Samoa
  • : Polynesian traditional tattoos, visiting a Tahitian pearl farm, & vanilla producer
  • : Anyplace where you can experience the beautiful indigenous peoples and culture

    Fearfulgirl gets close to stingrays in Moorea, French Polynesia
 Q4. Best, worst, strangest Aussie/Oceanic food experience? (submitted by )
  • : Minced camel pasta in the outback and witchetty grubs. The latter tasted like chestnuts
  • : Haven't been myself but The Wild Foods Festival on the west coast of NZ. They had horse semen shots this year 
  • : Vegemite has to be the worst. Best...Polynesian Barbecue, straight from the Mumu
  • : Kangaroo on Pizza.... Until I got to Australia, I never realized that they ate the cuddly creature! 
  • : Cannot remember what they are called but the meat pies that are like a heart attack encased in pastry
  • : Kina, Maori word for sea urchin. You eat it raw - but then growing up on Asian food I have no objection to that at all

chows down on local seafood in NZ
Q5. What are Oceania's best kept tourist secrets? (submitted by )
  • : Pinnacles and the Nambung National Park on Western Australia ... Beautiful!!!
  • : Scuba Diving in Palau 
  • : The Shire 
  • : Drive anywhere around Australia's coast and you'll find hundreds and hundreds of beachy secrets
  • : I would say a lot of small islands around Fiji!  
  • : The beautiful beach of Okarito, NZ! We encountered it by accident, while getting lost
poohstraveler discovers Australia's Great Ocean Road
And there you have it, "Oceania!"

TravelOutbackOz finds a surprising statistic
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  1. Awww.. I didn't even get a mention :(

  2. @Ian [EagerExistence] Sorry, completely unintented, I assure you! =)

  3. Look what we have to offer in American Samoa.
    Rainforest to reef adventure.


    From Pago Pago,



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