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#TTOT Round-Up: Road Trip Travels

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Road Trip Travels!"

Q1 via : What's the best country to go on a roadtrip and why?
  • : I would say the USA; its size and diversity (climate, geography, cultures, etc.) Plus it has classic interstate roadways 
  • : Taiwan on a scooter! Valleys, mountains, beaches, countryside, futuristic metro city....all of it
  • : South Africa. Good infrastructure, great landscapes and sights, nice B&Bs
  • : Argentina: urban, jungle, beach, glaciers, pampas, desert, mountains, waterfalls, etc. You name it, they have it 
  • : Ireland. Easy to drive. Lots of great scenery. All of the hidden gems are reachable by car
  • : Australia- 4WD adventure on deserted routes 
  • : One of the best and unforgettable road trip is the Great Ocean Road, Australia 

An incredible road trip in Iceland, 2007

Q2 via : Who would you most like to go on a road trip with and why?
  • : Someone who knows how to fix a car
  • : Anthony Bourdain because he is a sexy bad boy that loves good eats and can always appreciate local cultures 
  • : I road tripped with my sister last summer, and it was great! She's a good road trip buddy. Plus, we had time to bond 
  • : I'd most like to road trip with friends, but save a seat for a local who wants to show us the hidden gems
  • : Alex Trebek. He'd keep me busy with trivia, and probably knows the history of everything we'd see 
  • : I recommend picking up hitch hikers. They're like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get
  • : Justin Bieber - so I could leave him in the middle of nowhere

Q3 via : Don't go on a road trip without ____
  • : Firstly a great sense of adventure; then a great sense of humour; some flexibility; an open mind... Oh, and a camera 
  • : You cannot roadtrip without decent music. Hearing Abba on loop through Kenya was a living hell
  • : Snacks and maps 
  • : Bail/Bribe money
  • : Car supplies: jumper cables, bottled water, blanket, spare tire kit 
  • : Is it too British to say teabags?

Q4 via : What are your tricks to stay entertained on a long road trip?
  • : Great conversation. Nothing passes the time quicker
  • : Screaming at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs and waving my hands out the window
  • : Take annoying amounts of photographs and eat copious amounts of sweeties
  • : I perfect my mad rap artist skills by rapping along to music or just making it up. My car-mates LOVE it 
  • : Filming myself giving running commentary. Makes for hilarious post-trip videos 
  • : Wave at pedestrians and drivers. Watch the confusion and see how many wave back
  • : An audio book is also a great option for those who can't read in the car
  • : Singing to classic power ballads 

Q5 via : What are the most bizarre road signs you've come across? Show us a picture

: This was taken to warn people of cassowary crossings in Cape Trib

: Kusadasi, Turkey

: loved this sign in LA

: This one's pretty bad... what's a driver to do?

And there you have it, "Road Trip Travels!"  

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  1. Love this #TTOT round up!! Glad my Genuine Fake Watch photo could make the cut too! I'm going to check out your older posts for this, great summary for #TTOT!

    1. Hi Kyle, thanks! I got a kick out of that sign too when I was in Turkey! You've got to love honesty in advertising: These watches are "truly fake!" =)


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