Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summertime: Refresh!

This past weekend gave me a sneak peek at Istanbul's summer season. The weather went from mild and temperate in the low seventies to hot, hot, hot, hitting the mid-eighties before noon.

Now when I walk around, I'm almost always drinking a cold ayran, a Turkish yogurt drink that most people grew up drinking, and then for some reason, wouldn't be caught dead drinking anymore once they were older. My Turkish friends think I'm silly for liking it so much to drink it almost everyday but I think it's very refreshing, the perfect thing for a walking around on a hot Istanbul day. The best part, it's completely easy to make!

Just whisk equal parts plain yogurt and water with a bit of salt (optional) until smooth and frothy. They say a sign of a good ayran depends on how frothy it is, though I haven't noticed a significant difference in the taste. You can serve over ice or keep cool in the refrigerator.


Although plain yogurt is the standard for ayran, think of all the possibilities! I'd like to try adding some bananas (without salt) into my next batch. Maybe even strawberries another time? Better yet, both!

Yum...I think I'm going to pour myself a glass of ayran right now!

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  1. i LOVE plain yogurt almost on anything! Put it over rice, make a tzaziki dip, smoothie... so I'm definitely trying this soon! reminds of this indian drink called lassi. :)

  2. I wonder if the word Ayran comes from the word Iran(which is really Aryan). Iranians make an almost identical drink called doogh, but with chopped mint. Also the drink ferments which eventually makes it carbonated. Next time I'm having persian dinner i'll ask for doogh, hold the mint and the ferment, shaken..not stirred :)

  3. Yum, sounds so delish! I really wish I could come and visit you. Then I would drink them with you every day. :)

  4. yeah it's also very helpful when your blood pressure drops. It makes you feel fine again in a few minutes. It's tasty as well :)


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