Friday, May 8, 2009

Travel Challenge

By now, you realize that I love to travel and that nothing else makes my heart sing as much as being on the road. Although I firmly believe that traveling randomly around the world is really the only way to allow life's adventures to unfold itself before you, I wanted to set a travel goal for myself. My friend Andi gave me an inspiration. She's embarking on an ambitious travel challenge of traveling to 26 countries, each starting with the letters of the alphabet, to be completed in the next four years. Although my ultimate goal is to travel to EVERY country in the world, this is a fun start! Since I like to travel for long periods of time in a given place, I'm going to give myself four years (instead of five as I originally intended to make it more challenging) to complete the alphabet. Wish me luck!

Here's a list of all the countries I've been to. Those listed with an asterisk * indicate places that I have tickets already purchased to travel. Bold indicate trips I'm seriously considering.

A - Austria
B - Belgium, Bulgaria
C - Canada (Quebec), Costa Rica, Czech Republic
D - Denmark* (Copenhagen, May/June 2009)
E - Egypt (September 2009), England (London, October 2009)
F - France, Fiji (2011)
G - Germany, Greece, Grenada
H - Hungary
I - Iceland, Italy
J - Jordan (September 2009)
K -
L -
M - Mexico, Myanmar (Burma)
N - Netherlands
O -
P - Peru, Poland, Portugal
Q -
R - Romania
S - Slovenia, Spain, Sweden* (Stockholm, June 2009)
T - Turkey, Thailand (2010)
U - United States
V - Vatican City
W -
X - NO countries start with X...Perhaps this should be a city instead?
Y -
Z -

As you can see, I've still got quite a way to go! Anyone want to join me on any travel (mis)adventures between now and May 8, 2013? Let me know!

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  1. I'm soo down!!! I'm highly considering Egypt with you but i have the boards to study for around that time... so i will see.. but perhaps next year or so since this will be going on for 5 (or more years)! :)) i'm sure we'll go somewhere together sometime soon!

  2. Haha, so cute!!! You know what, ANOTHER friend took on the challenge as well. I love it. Oh actually you might know her, remember Kristin??? Here is a link to her blog entry on it:

    Read my comment re: what to do about the country starting with an X.

    I gotta start taking this challenge seriously. The next 3 countries I'm visiting all start with a letter I've been to already.

    Good luck girl. I know you'll do it!!! See you in Jordan soon. XOXOX

  3. Okay, so apparently England is a country in its own right (I always thought it was part of the country, the United Kingdom, but I was wrong). So I'm making an amendment to my map list. Hooray! I can knock off another letter. Provided that I actually make it there later this year, that is!

  4. Merhaba Connie!

    Nasilsiniz? / How are you doing?!
    My first visit on your blog and you talk about a travel challenge... Yep, probably no real conincidence ;-)

    Oh... Y should be Yemen (Waw!),
    Z for Zimbabwe (or Zanzibar -not a seperated country but, with Kenya, you could hit both on a single plane ride :)
    As for X, there's Xinjiang! (Western China, and beautiful -been there also, check the website for a 'taste-test')...

    I'll stop here but I could go on... Remember that only a traveler with a lot of time can really "see & feel" a country ;-)

    Hoscakal & XoXo, Tanguy.

  5. Hey Connie hope you are doing well. Been enjoying your blog. A lot of people could argue with you about England being a country. It is far from clear cut. We aren't individually defined as a country by the UN. Thats no reason not to visit though! You will love london. I have a very comfy couch if you need somewhere, often accidently sleep on it myself :> Take care and enjoy Turkey. May plan a trip across to Istanbul someday, even though T would not be a new letter!



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