Sunday, August 1, 2010

Road Drip

In celebration of the Buddhist holiday, Vassa (also known as the Buddhist Lent or the Rains Retreat), schools in Thailand were closed for two days, giving me essentially a four-day weekend July 23 -27.

Matt and I decided to take the opportunity to explore a bit more of Thailand. We packed a weekend bag and took off on our moped for a four-day road trip. Unfortunately, the weather was not as cooperative as we would have liked and it ended up being a road DRIP. It rained every day during the weekend and instead of making it as far as we had originally planned, we stayed all four days in Krabi.

Despite the rain, the four days in Krabi was relaxing, just the thing we needed. Matt and I enjoyed the freedom of sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing. We spent a lazy afternoon playing Scrabble, which was very fun, especially since Matt and I are so competitive with each a good way! For the curious, I won (by a lot).

All the well-known fun activities that can be had in and around Krabi, including rock-climbing, diving, hiking and lazying on the beaches were scrapped due to the rain, leaving Matt and I with little to do in Krabi. Luckily, the beautiful mountainous scenery and the huge street markets, especially the weekend market, dotted around town kept us amazed and amused. Besides, eating is one of our favorite past times so I really can't complain.

The variety of street food on offer in Krabi's numerous street markets was truly vast and mouth-watering. There were plenty of juicy chicken satay dribbling with peanut sauce, aromatic duck noodle soup, spicy and tangy papaya salad, fresh fruit, enticing balls of meat on sticks and of course, pad thai.

I don't think there was a single food stall I walked past and thought to myself, "No way would I eat that." Well, except maybe this one!

© Connie Hum 2010


  1. I love that despite the rain you still had a fabulous time (on my Bday I might add)!!!

  2. Can I come with you on your nonstop traveling??? =)


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