Sunday, November 21, 2010

Montage Monday: Thanksgiving

Take a walk down memory lane with me on this three-photo montage highlighting my best memories from past travels! 

Last Thanksgiving, I had just moved out of Istanbul and returned to New York City for a visit with my friends. Here are some great memories from our Thanksgiving together.

My friends, Brian and Neil, get very excited about my Thanksgiving turkey. My secret? Butter. Lots of delicious butter to keep the turkey juicy! And garlic. Lots of garlic. 

We devoured that turkey in mere seconds! I guess there will be no leftover turkey sandwiches for me the next day.

After dinner, my friends and I all made turkey hand drawings, just like back in elementary school. We were so stuffed, but we still managed a nice smile to capture this great Thanksgiving dinner.

© Connie Hum 2010


  1. Oh Neil! I know Neil. Where will you spend Thanksgiving this year, my dear?

  2. What a lovely memory. I miss you and the old NYC crew!!!


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