Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Haha, yes, the news comes in PARTS! I'm going to start with the small news first.

I finally bought myself a Nikon D90!!! I'm so excited (and subsequently nervous, anxious, terrified, etc.) to be traveling around with such an awesome piece of equipment but it means having the ability to take some really awesome photos in my upcoming travels and doing some fun and interesting photo projects that I've had in my head all year!

My cousin David from the States is bringing my D90 out to me in Hong Kong on Christmas day so it's pretty much going to be like, the BEST Christmas EVER this year! 

Soon this is how I will always be walking around!
I'm sorry if you're a bit disappointed in my news, but it IS big news to me and I'm quite happy and excited about it. Just thought I'd share...

How excited are YOU to see my photographs with my new D90?

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  1. Sounds exciting to me! I am glad that Christmas is going to be so fun for you Connie.

  2. Yayy! You will love it. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. Haha I should've guessed this news, since you consulted me on camera advice! I'm looking forward to writing a blog post for you to start teaching you (and all your readers) how to use your new SLR camera! Very happy for you!

  4. BOOHOO!!!!!!!! While I'm beyond excited that you're getting the camera of your dreams, I was hoping for THE news! ;-)

  5. Exciting, exciting! While I'm a Canon girl myself, I've played with a Nikon D90 before and loooooved it. My biggest regret during my 1.5-year "round-the-world" (really, Europe) trip is that I left my DSLR at home in lieu of more space!

  6. Very happy for you Connie and VERY jealous! :) It's my dream to have a really good camera to swan around with taking photos. Must keep saving the pennies!

  7. Thanks, everyone, for being excited for me!

    @Nicky Pallas I'm looking forward to having you give me and my readers photography tips!

    @Global Butterfly The SUPER big news will come as soon as I can make the announcement! =)

    @Camels & Chocolate I like Canons as well but I think I'm just used to Nikons.

    @Julia Keep saving! You'll get there eventually and it will be worth every penny!

    Thanks again for the encouragement guys! I hope my photos can live up to your expectations!

  8. Congrats Connie! I've been wanting a DSLR forever. One of these days...

  9. it's an awesome camera so congrats to you!

    i'm huge into photography, i recently did a post on my new camera too!, so this IS big news :)

  10. ah, been waiting for the big news. Could I guess maybe that you're getting marry? hahaa

  11. You can't go wrong with a Nikon. I have a D40 (the budget Nikon) and I love it.


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