Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#TTOT Round-Up: Family Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Family Travel!"

Q1 via : Which destination would you suggest to travel with your family -why? 
  • Yellowstone National Park - Kids would love watch Old Faithful & the others sprouting out
  • : Thailand. there are lots of activities for kids and their parents. great beaches and lots of sun all year long
  • Dubai, it has everything for families including the fantastic Aquaventure at Atlantis, make sure you take plenty of sun cream! 
  • Turkey - warm hospitable people and very friendly to kids. Found it to be safe for single women too
  • : I can speak for what dazzled me as a child - nature and animals! African Safari, Amazon Jungle, Galapagos and Alaska
  • : Probably obvious but I'd say Disneyland. Easy peasy
  • : NYC is fabulous with family of all ages!
  • It depends where you live, travelling too far with young children can be difficult so try and find somewhere nice, closer to home

Q2 via : What kind of travel/destination would you never do with family?
  • Africa, way to rough on small children
  • : I don't like taking the kiddies into malarial or dengue fever zones. I'd be worrying all the time 
  • : Nudist resorts are a big No No!
  • : India is not on my list with family... Too dangerous for kids specially if they catch the gastro!
  • : Spring Break
  • : I am not a fan of Las Vegas for kids but my pal says his kids LOVE it 
  • Anything too crowded and dangerous.. I would defo not got to places with hostile forces
  • : The 'Stans would be very hard to do w family in tow - Delhi Belly the whole time!
  • : Burning Man
  • : A caravan in Wales. Being cooped up in a tiny space with family for days on end while it rains is hell on earth

Q3 via : What is your best childhood family travel memory? 
  • Pretending it was night when passing through tunnels on the annual train journey between Bombay and Kerala when we were lil kids
  • : Getting stuck in Malaysia for a month because of the Gulf War back home. To a 7-year-old, that equals paradise. Or to a 26-yr-old
  • : A deer started to eat my sweater when I was a kid at SeaWorld's petting zoo. That was pretty funny
  • 2 years spent with family cruising the canals of N. France, Belgium & Holland on a home built 60 ft catamaran
  • : Disney was a great memory I first went at 21 though does that still class as a child?
  • Visiting the upstairs lounge on a transatlantic 747 with Dad. I miss the piano player
  • : Our camper van trips down through France and Spain
  • : Playing the license plate game on road trips
  • : My first plane trip was amazing, pancakes with syrup ( I was 10) !

Q4 via : To what extent do you involve the children in the planning of a trip?
  • : Great to have kids involved in travel planning. Brings the family together and teaches them essential life lessons
  • : I always get my son's globe out - then we make a list of things we'd like to do - he loves to travel
  • Depending on the age, children should be considered but not consulted
  • : Did that once. All we ate was chocolate and chips for dinner
  • We were never really involved in the planning of a trip, but had a say once we got there
  • My parents involved me... I plan to do the same some day
  • We give them options of things to do in each city
  • : I dont have kids, but my parents would decide on the destination, and my sister and I could each pick one thing we wanted to do
  • : I try to involve him as much as possible. We do it as a team

Q5 via : What's in your in-flight survival kit?
  • : My parents used to give my sis a sip of brandy to make her stop screaming on planes. It worked!
  • Thinking up a collection of 'Eye Spy' answers pre-flight, Nintendo DS, Ipod, and Boiled sweets for take off and landing=a MUST!
  • Keep them occupied. Bring them something to eat - and make it something you'd like to eat yourself
  • : Sick Bag
  • : Nintendo DS - so I can toss it into a circle of brats and watch them fight to the death
  • : When I travel with my daughter, we play WWF back and forth, but I hate that she's old enough now to want the window seat! Argh! 
  • Chocolate! A problem solver for every age

And there you have it, "Family Travel"!   

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Family Travel discussion? 

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  1. There are lots of good ideas here. I love family travel and have written about it several times. It's one of the best things we can do for our kids.

  2. @Jenna I completely agree! I plan to take my kids all over the world with me!


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