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#TTOT Round-Up: Festival Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via : What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Festival?
  • Bright colors, loud music and FUN 
  • : Tents! And delicious food. And outrageous outfits. And hopefully good music!
  • MUSIC!!! and mud and food that will really clog your arteries.....and beer. Lots of beer! 
  • : Good times. Lots and lots (and lots) of good times
  • : Those big feather headdresses all the girls wear during Carnival
  • Kegs, 1-litre tankards, yard glasses - not beer containers but instruments from which you drink from
  • : If that festival is in the UK then definitely Wellingtons!
  • : Doobies & boobies

Q2 via : Everybody loves music and food festivals - what are the other top scorers?
  • Hot air balloon festival in Quebec or the International Puppet Festival in Ontario
  • : Enchanted Forest Festival in Pitlochry - an illuminated forest at night, absolutely beautiful & on now
  • : And of course, I dream of Oktoberfest
  • I'd say Holi in India. Had the best times of my life!
  • : Film festivals are always fun!
  • Done it before but I'd do it again: "The San Marcos National Fair" in Aguascalientes. Mexico's biggest festival
  • The garlic festival in Gilroy, CA. Who wants garlic ice-cream?
  • : As a full-time theater geek and part-time movie geek, Theater Festivals and Film Festivals are awesome
  • : Cultural, reflective festivals, like the Feast of Immaculate Conception in Rome 

Q3 via : If asked to name just one, which festival would you like to attend? 
  • : The Sauti za Busara fest on Zanzibar - the friendliest music on the planet & the spice island
  • : Cioccolart in Taormina! Tons of chocolate all for you to taste!
  • : If you want to discover true Balcan music, don't miss the Guča trumpet festival in Serbia!
  • : La Tomatina Festival
  • : I must go to Burning Man at least once before I die - MUST!
  • : I'd love to go to Disney Food & Wine Festival
  • : Have always wanted to attend the Cannes Film Festival
  • I need to go to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Q4 via : What is the furthest you've traveled to for festival? 
  • Paris to Arras (near Lille) for the Main Square Festival to see Pearl Jam 
  • : Rode in the bed of a truck from Phnom Penh to dusty middle of Cambodia to celebrate end of harvest! 
  • : Flew from London to Germany for a massive rave in an old abandoned RAF Fighter Jet base
  • : UK > Portugal for 9 days of PsyTrance at Boom - OMG!!!!
  • : Traveled to Brazil for Carnaval - one of the best experiences of my life!
  • : From Malaysia to Valencian Town of Buñol, for La Tomatina festival.

Q5 via : What's the weirdest thing you ever experienced at a festival?
  • : My friend burst a bouncy castle shaped like Beyonce's bum at Leeds Fest. We all got trapped in Beyonce's bum!
  • : Watching Slayer fans repeatedly shout SLAYER at each other for hours on end at Reading
  • : In a mock jail cell at the Boryeong Mud Festival where they chuck buckets of mud in your face
  • A clean porterloo on day 3 of the Isle of Wight Festival, I felt like I had won the lottery!
  • : On one of the Love Parade wagons, they were filming a porno
  • : People dressed as pickles at the Picklefest in NY State - hilarious
  • : If you didn't experience anything weird, you were not at a festival

And there you have it, "Festival Travel"!

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Festival Travel discussion? 

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