Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#TTOT Round-Up: A Weekend Away

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "A Weekend Away!" 

Q1 via : What are your ingredients for the perfect weekend getaway?
  • The three S's: sun, shopping and staying up to party all night
  • : No cell phone. Yes to wifi but no phone call from home or work
  • : Think my stomach may be in charge when I'm on a long weekend. It's all about the street food
  • Excellent company. Inspiring destination. Great food. A deck of cards + a good poker face
  • : Dance shoes, salsa music, jacuzzi tub or a massage after 3 long nights of dancing
  • Adventure, Eats & something I've never seen
  • : My wife, no mobile phone, no kids at the beach house

Q2 via : Where's the furthest you have traveled for a weekend away?
  • Did Dubai to Istanbul for a weekend
  • New York from London - that was one mad weekend
  • : Manila to Hong Kong for the weekend. Two hours flight and you are in a city with different culture
  • : A weekend away in Morocco..but I live in southern Spain so it's not TOO far
  • : Flew from Reykjavik to Barcelona for a U2 concert. Soooo worth it
  • : Santiago 2 Atlanta. Did it about 20 times in 2010
  • Last summer I flew from Ohio to Vancouver for a weekend to go to TBEX! Definitely far for just 3 days

Q3 via : What do you pack for a weekend away that you don't for a longer journey?
  • Kayak
  • Sketchbook, usually can't be bothered to lug it around on longer trips and opt for a notebook instead
  • : A change of clothing for each day
  • : Fewer toiletries, as I believe in stealing shampoo from friends and loved ones
  • : More stuff! Somehow I can travel with a lot less on longer trips
  • I definitely pack more shoes, makeup and accessories for a weekend away
  • : A tent and an "esky". Weekends away end up being camping weekends

Q4 via : What are your top 3 ultimate destinations for a weekend getaway?
  • Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Prague if in Europe. Bangkok, Mumbai, Hong Kong in Asia. Melbourne, Brisbane, Queenstown in the Pacific
  • New York City; Newport, Rhode Island and the Berkshires, MA
  • Top 3 have to be Krakow, Lisbon and St Andrews
  • Bangkok, Amsterdam and Bali
  • Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Stockholm are all pretty cool, if you'll pardon the pun
  • : Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe
  • : If no money constraints or I had my own jet? Berlin! Dublin! London 
  • Ayayaya... LOMBOK. Melbourne. And Ho Chi Minh is my top ultimate weekend getways

Q5 via - Name three items you consider essential for a weekend away
  • : Good company, an open mind, and a stack of cash
  • : Toothbrush, a change of underpants and a smile
  • Good company, nature, relaxation. (vs. running around like a nut
  • : My camera, my journal, my sense of adventure
  • : Significant other, camera, toothbrush 
  • : Great company, music, and comfortable shoes
  • Bathing suit, camera, caiprihina
  • An open mind, friends/laughter, and snacks
  • Quiet, laughter & an excellent bottle of red

And there you have it, "A Weekend Away"!     

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "A Weekend Away" discussion? 

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