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#TTOT Round-Up: What's New in 2012

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "What's New in 2012!" 

Q1 via : What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
  • Bhutan in May, Sicily in July
  • : My honeymoon in "I still don't know where" :) Maybe Argentina
  • : Traveling to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore with my Mom this April 2012
  • : I'm hoping to be able to go to Northern Greenland this year. That is one amazing country
  • : My summer Eurotrip: Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Ruisrock in Turku
  • : Thailand Beaches for my 36th birthday and Angkor Wat this April
  • : Taking steam-pulled Grand Canyon Limited train from the canyon to Los Angeles 

Q2 via : Name what you think will be up and coming destinations in 2012 and why
  • : I look forward to the Middle East and Central Asia to opening up more, especially the 'Stans
  • : Burma - has first democratic elections for 20 years & is opening up to tourism offering visitors insight into traditional SE Asia
  • : Jordan, Croatia and Iceland. All three have seen a rise in tourism and have been getting lots of great coverage
  • : As a surfer, it appears the hot travel destinations are Nicaragua, Uruguay, and parts of Africa- Namibia for one
  • : I do think it will be India. And I think it will be India for awhile. They have it all and are ramping up the tourism
  • : Upcoming destinations: Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia I think are going to be very popular. Ukraine too
  • : New Zealand just after Christmas when The Hobbit movie comes out

Q3 via : What NEW countries/cities/places are on your travel itinerary for 2012?
  • : Biri Island and Tuguegarao in the Philippines are on the list this year. Planning on a jaunt around Taiwan too
  • : The tiny Euro countries (Andorra, etc.), Balkans, Iceland, maybe a few North African countries (Libya, Morrocco)
  • : Germany... in Winter... earmuff/warm coat extravaganza I'm thinking
  • : Might drop everything and go to Istanbul for a few weeks, which would be a first
  • : No plans yet but would love to explore some new cities in the US: Detroit, Seattle, Savannah, San Antonio
  • : Poland, Norway, Canada
  • : Great Barrief Reef
  • : All over Germany, Vienna and Pompeii

Q4 via : What's your number one must-see destination for 2012?
  • : I'd prob say Vietnam before it gets over-run by tourists thanks to the new direct flights from Heathrow
  • : Cuba before Communism ends
  • : Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls
  • : Dominican Republic! I'm going for the first time in six weeks
  • : Antarctica, I leave tomorrow
  • : Machu Picchu. Tickets already purchased for March 2nd

Q5 via : How will your travels in 2012 be different than your travels in 2011?
  • : Won't be backpacking solo anymore this year! Partner's by my side
  • : Travel without a plan
  • : I'd like to stay longer in some place and try Housesitting. Where? Possibly in South Africa
  • : 2012 is going to be a sustainable year for me: Less flying more overland travels
  • : Less trips but more time spent in a place
  • : This year we'll take more pictures, share more memories and stay longer in more countries
  • : More planning will be involved
  • : Hopefully won't differ at all. More exploration of some of the great destinations around the world

And there you have it, "What's New in 2012"!   

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "What's New in 2012" discussion? 

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