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#TTOT Round-Up: Forms of Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Forms of Travel!" 

Q1 via : When has the journey been more rewarding than the destination?
  • Bus ride from HCMC to Siem Reap - long bus ride but the experience was very humbling and genuine
  • : The first time you go on a plane is pretty special!
  • : Our 3-day trek from Marrakech to Sahara - Ourzazate, the gorges and the endless small towns were amazing
  • : Traveling with my mom. It doesn't matter where to. Love hate relationship all the way
  • : An 8 days bus ride from Madrid to Toledo on my Andalucia tour. We got to stop in small towns where I ate authentic cuisine
  • : Train rides in India are always an experience never to be forgotten, though be careful don't have to unexpectedly share your bed
  • : I took 16 months to circle the globe without getting on a single airplane. I LOVE THE JOURNEY

Q2 via : Show us a photo of the quirkiest mode of transport you have found on your travels
: Sand buggy followed by eating sand whilst sandboarding in Huachachina, Peru

: Long and bumpy bus ride filled with people, chickens, eggs, and four motorbikes in Cambodia
Zorbing in New Zealand

:  Easily a jitney, which is public transportation in the Philippines

Q3 via : What fictional form of transportation do you wish existed and why?
  • Travel by twitching my nose - like Samantha in Bewitched
  • : Hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 obviously
  • : The phone box from Bill & Ted's would be pretty awesome too. Those guys never got jetlag
  • : The umbrella from Mary Poppins. Nice to fly with it
  • : The flying car from the Jetsons. Because it could just fold into a briefcase when I'm done with it
  • : Just give me a car or a plane which doesn't need any kind of fuel!
  • : That chick on "I dream of Jeannie" she could blink me to a location 

Q4 via : Have you ever taken a risky form of transport?
  • : Bus to Vilcabamba in el Nino season. Bus in front of us skidded off road down a ravine. 36 dead
  • Had a well dodgy flight in Burma 'no seat' 'but I need this flight'..15 mins later, kid you not a deck chair tied with a bungy
  • : We take tuktuks and drive through Bombay traffic everyday! That's risky each single day
  • A 16mt camel skin rope, up a sheer cliff face to reach Debra Damo in Ethiopia
  • : Taxi in Uganda w/ cracked screen where I had to hold the car door closed as he overtook lorries at high speeds
  • : Hot air-ballooning is great, but something abt being in a wicker basket thousands of feet up next to a tank of gas is unsettling
  • : Climbing the Tibidabo in Barcelona in high heels was pretty risky

Q5 via : Is there a form of travel specific to a place that has specifically made you want 
to visit that destination?
  • : Taking the train from through Vietnam. Eating Banh Mi, staring out the window, watching rice paddies pass by
  • : Always wanted to go to Shanghai JUST to ride on the Maglev
  • The moon. My understanding is you need a rocket to get there
  • : The Trans-Siberian Railway - an iconic journey & amazing way travel through five time zones
  • : Cable cars / trams in San Francisco
  • : Laos to ride an elephant. Or Cambodia. Or anywhere to ride an elephant

And there you have it, "Forms of Travel"!   

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Forms of Travel" discussion? 

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  1. I love all your pictures! :) Beautiful shots and amazing post. Congrats!


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