Sunday, March 4, 2012

Video: Blogging 101

Recently I posted my Social Media Week Hong Kong Wrap-up blog. Here are the video recordings of my portion of Blogging 101 during Social Media Week Hong Kong, in case you were curious.

My talk starts at 4:15.

Remember that I mentioned Nokia_Connects presented me with a free Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone? Watch my reaction! Plus, find out what I was doing BEFORE I "became famous."

For all the Blogging 101 video recordings of the panelists: film critic; James Marsh of Marsh Attacks, food blogger; Janice Leung of e_ting the world, and Razlan Manjaji of You Got Me Blogging, refer to Jay Oatway's YouTube channel

Now you've heard me talk about what inspires me to travel, but the big question is: What inspires YOU to travel?

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