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#TTOT Round-Up: Sleeping in Unusual Places

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Sleeping in Unusual Places!" 

Q1 via : Where's the most unusual place you've slept?
  • : On a campsite by Ngorongoro Crater where wild elephants were drinking from our shower tank
  • : I slept in a sleeping bag on a boat in a storm. Woke up at other end of the boat cos I rolled the entire length of the boat asleep
  • : On a sand dune in the Wadi el Rayan desert, Egypt
  • : The post office. It was unlocked 24 hours and much cheaper than a hotel
  • : A Buddhist temple, a pod hotel, a camp in the Sahara, an old mining barracks...
  • : Entryway of a squat in Greece
  • : In my hammock on a night train in Vietnam

Q2 via : Any tips for better sleep on planes or buses?
  • : Bring a good travel partner. It's much more comfy if you're sleeping on someone's shoulder
  • : Pack an inflatable beach ball in your hand luggage - fits in that window/seat gap to make a perfect pillow
  • : Pay extra for exit row, more leg room
  • : Don't sleep the night before, spend it partying with friends. Get on the plane/train/bus exhausted = dead asleep. Works every time
  • : Benadryl and booze may not be the *best* idea, but it works
  • : Try sit by the window on a plane or bus! You'll drift away without falling asleep on a strangers shoulder
  • : Neck pillow and earplugs
  • : Blow up pillow, ipod with really good headphones (and a chilled playlist), and melatonin
  • : A belly full of food and wine, should help you sleep just fine

Q3 via : What's the best technique for getting a dorm buddy to stop snoring?
  • : Smelling salts you get in SE Asia work well. Get them to sniff whether awake or waft under their snoring noses and they will stop
  • : I like the classic shove or shoe throwing
  • : A spray bottle and good aim
  • : Best thing to do is fall asleep before them
  • : If it's a close buddy, arm under the neck works. Not so close, duct tape
  • If I have to be awake, they should too! I say wake 'em right up
  • : I love my white noise sounds from the Ambience iPhone app
  • : Very simple. Buy Kwon Loong Oil in Chinatown or Asia. Put a few drops in a bowl. Fill with boiling water. Vapors ease breathing

Q4 via : Show us a picture of the coolest place you've ever slept

: Slept with sea gypsies in Indonesia

: Jungle bungalow in Tikal surrounded by howler monkeys

: In a mud house in the Thar Desert

: Namib Desert

: Camping on a frozen lake under the Northern Lights

: Hobbit house in New Zealand

Q5 via : The best place you have slept out under the stars?
  • : Camping under the stars in a swag at the bottom of Uluru, Ayers Rock in Australia
  • : On a net at the front of a boat cruising through the Whitsundays. Spectacular
  • : With millions of young people during the World Youth Day in Manila
  • : Even tho big window wasn't open, the view of stars and full moon over Polish/Ukrainian countryside from night train was spectacular
  • : Slept in the Atacama Dessert in Chile... But it was cloudy
  • : Beaches in Thailand are perfect. Sipandan in Laos. And on a liveaboard in the Similans. Stars PLUS night diving
  • : Definitely Mongolia. Cold but I've never seen so many stars

And there you have it, "Sleeping in Unusual Places!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Sleeping in Unusual Places" discussion? 

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