Friday, April 13, 2012

Turkish Delights at Hong Kong's caffè HABITŪ

Good news! April marks a month-long collaboration between Hong Kong's caffè HABITŪ and award-winning Turkish Airlines, one of my favorite international airlines!

For a limited time, caffè HABITŪ is serving up two Turkish dishes to delight you, as well as four dessert and coffee pairings, designed by Turkish Airline's flying chef, Denizhan Dağdelen.

I was invited to sample the menu two weeks ago and was impressed with some of the offerings. 

Fantastic dessert: Macchiato and sacher mousse

Being the dessert fanatic that I am, my favorite item from the special menu was the macchiato and sacher mousse. Paired with a nutty Yunnan Grade AA coffee, the refreshing strawberry and mango flavors really came through. What pretty presentation as well! I felt a little guilty destroying the layers, but the taste was completely worth it! Definitely a dessert to enjoy during this warm April month in Hong Kong!

Steamed sea bass with dill

Another menu item I enjoyed was the streamed sea bass with dill. Wrapped in paper and served with grilled red pepper, it's the lighter of the two main dishes on caffè HABITŪ's Turkish-inspired menu. The mild taste of lemon and dill makes this an ideal lunch to fill you up without weighing you down, perfect for preventing those post-lunch snooze attacks.

Traditional Turkish meal: Shish kebab

The most Turkish-like option on the menu is the shish kebab. The traditional lamb skewer is served with grilled tomato and green pepper, along with Turkish-style rice flavored with sultanas and cinnamon. This definitely brought me back to my days of dining al fresco in the backstreets of Kadıköy when I was living in Istanbul! Due to the heavier flavors, this fares better as a great dinner option after a long day at the office.

Priced at $228 HKD for the sea bass or $248 HKD for the shish kebab, both only offered at caffè HABITŪ the table restaurants, it's a great price for a tempting taste of Turkish flavors, especially since it comes with a Turkish dessert and coffee pairing!

The dessert and coffee pairings (without the meal) are available for $78 HKD at all caffè HABITŪ outlets across Hong Kong.

These Turkish delights can be enjoyed during the month of April only so don't miss out! Afterwards, the menu will only be offered on Turkish Airlines' business class flights in and out of Hong Kong, which isn't a bad excuse to fly...

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