Sunday, January 16, 2011

Montage Monday: Boston

Take a walk down memory lane with me on this three-photo montage highlighting my best memories from past travels!

My friends and I spent a lovely day outside in Boston Commons. We were all pretty much out to have a good time and we ran around, jumping and laughing at things, eating, walking, wading in the pond. Everyone must have thought we were crazy, but we aren't (for the most part). We were just having a good time.

I love little buildings wedged in between much larger ones! I had a great time following Boston's Freedom Trail and taking in the historical sights.

Cemeteries have always held a morbid fascination for me and I was enthralled by this small cemetery we encountered in the middle of Boston. It was probably the first "old" cemetery I had ever been to in the US so it's decrepit state was intriguing to me. I spent some time there reading the different headstones. My friends all thought I was weird...and maybe I am.

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  1. I also <3 cemeteries!!

  2. I don't think you're weird! My fave is in BsAs.

  3. @Julie Glad to hear that someone else likes cemeteries as well!

    @Global Butterfly I'll have to check them out when I get there someday!

  4. I don't _love_ cemetaries, but I definitely like them. The old, historic ones are pretty amazing, but there's a little old one in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado that I went to once. I actually found a gravestone of a "Bess," and I've never even met a "Bess" in person, so it was kind of cool.

  5. Love the flash back! That is such a great memory for me too. I still have all the pictures form our adventure. I do not think it is morbid readin head stones, I do it all the time too. Especially when they are old like the ones in that cemetery.

  6. I loved Boston when I went there. I found it one of the most beautiful and refined cities in America.


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