Sunday, January 23, 2011

Montage Monday: Eating Crickets in Bangkok

My FIRST official video post! How exciting! Bear with me while I learn new techniques and tricks but expect more video posts in the near future! If you have any tips to help me bring you better videos, please leave it in a comment below! And Leigh, YOU'RE WELCOME! Ha!

This Montage Monday, witness candid reactions to trying fried crickets for the first, and let's face it, last time in Bangkok!


Would YOU be brave enough to eat a cricket like Sam, Matt and I did? Or would you be too squeamish like Judith?
© Connie Hum 2011


  1. ;) And I am STILL disgusted and won't try it next time either :)

  2. @Judith Haha! The video makes me laugh so much! Your invisible commentary is so funny!

  3. Don't say!!! I saw roasted (or fried! whatever!) crickets at Qingdao food market and I didn't have the nerve to try them!
    Although, keeping staying in China, I might do eventually :P

  4. @AngelaCorrias You should definitely give it a try! It may not change your eating habits, but at least it's an experience!

  5. braaaave!! I'm not sure I could... but somewhat tempting though, it's like going to Spain and not eating ham, right?

  6. @Katherina Honestly, I went in thinking I couldn't either. But you just gotta go for it! Otherwise, it would be EXACTLY like going to Spain and not eating ham. =)

  7. This made my life complete. SO AMAZING TO FUCKING SEE YOU!!!! And gross. Of course you loved it. Your next video should show you eating dog leg and you loving it passionately.

  8. @puhhLEIGHze I will NEVER eat dog. Seriously. I just can't. I avoided a night market in China because I was told that you could get dog meat there out of fear that I would accidently eat it. No way, NEVER! And I'm so HAPPY that this made your life complete. =)


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