Monday, March 21, 2011

Grand Opening Ceremony: Hong Kong International Film Festival

Sunday, March 20th marked the Grand Opening of the 35th annual Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF). The star-studded Grand Opening Ceremony took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center to much excitement and fanfare.

Fans eagerly await the arrival of Hong Kong's brightest stars

With my press pass I was able to get behind the scenes of the Grand Opening Ceremony and up close to the stars of the 35th HKIFF opening films,"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and "Quattro Hong Kong 2"! It was all very exciting. The press and crowded fans went wild each time someone arrived. Here are just some of the stars who arrived at the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival's Grand Opening Ceremony:

After everyone who's anyone arrived on the red carpet and went in for the Grand Opening Ceremony, the press scrambled to grab their equipment and ran in to grab a good spot. I didn't get into the room in time to snag a spot on the press stage so I stayed among the crowd to get the feel of the growing excitement as the Grand Opening Ceremony progressed.

The Grand Opening Ceremony ended with a champagne toast, a shower of gold confetti and wishes for a successful festival.

With over 335 films from 56 countries, the HKIFF has already sold over 63,000 tickets. Several additional screenings of sold out films have been added due to popular demand. It would appear as though the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival is well on its way to being a huge success! 

The 35th HKIFF is currently underway and runs through April 5th at various theaters in Hong Kong. For more information on films, locations and show times, please visit to the official Hong Kong International Film Festival website.

Do YOU love film festivals as much as I do? Have YOU ever attended an international film festival?

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  1. Hi Connie,
    interesting post.
    I am a filmmaker/travel blogger,
    so, the answer is yes.
    In fact, my last travel blog on is about a Film Festival.
    Nice blog, will return soon.

  2. @verozone What a coincidence! Glad we found each other's blogs. I'm looking forward to sharing more stories with each other!

  3. Connie this is too cool. Have you seen many of the films, and would you recommend any?
    I was in Venice a few years back, I think '05, for the Venice Film Festival. It was pretty awesome.

  4. I wish I had been to an Intl Film Festival. I especially wish it was in Hong Kong... I LOVE HK! <3

  5. What a fun night!!! I've never been to a film festival, so it was lovely to see your photos of all those beautiful people in their finery. :-)

  6. @Mica Some films that I'm planning on seeing are Japan's "Little Adventures of the Tofu Boy" and "The Book of the Dead," Turkey's "Zephyr" and "Turquaze," France's "The Illusionist," Hong Kong's "Let the Bullets Fly" and "Detective Dee and the Phamton Flame," Colombia's "The Two Escobars," Italy's "Certified Copy," Czech Republic's "Kooky," and UK's "Submarine."

    There's so many other good films I want to watch but there's so little time and well, money for it.

    Oh, I'd love to see the Venice Film Festival in action!

    @lindsay @_thetraveller_ Hong Kong is pretty amazing, isn't it? Everyday the city seems to surprise me with something new and exciting.

    @RamblingTart It was definitely fun! I wish I was more familiar with Hong Kong celebrities so that I knew who all those people are!


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