Sunday, March 20, 2011

Montage Monday: Lijiang, China

A photo montage highlighting my favorite memories from past travels!

Lijiang is quite a photogenic city! From the moment that I arrived, I was swept in time back to historic China. Sure, many will argue that Lijiang is just another tourist trap, another Disneyland for adults, but I beg to differ. Lijiang retains an old-world charm that can never be replicated.

The crowds lining up at the Food Market in Lijiang are an eager bunch. There's a bit of pushing, there's a bit of shouting, but it's all worth it in the end. With so many different Chinese delicacies on offer, the Food Market is the prefect place to sample new (and delicious) foods! My personal favorite was the gigantic meat balls served piping hot in a flavorful broth.

Perhaps my favorite part of Lijiang was the signs posted all over the town in some confusing English. I was never quite sure what the signs were supposed to mean. In any case, the signs in "Chinglish" provided humorous moments of exploring Lijiang.

Have YOU ever been to a place that was too "touristy" but loved it anyway? Can YOU decipher the above sign?

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  1. Yes! Mont St Michel in France was full of tourists, but it was so incredibly charming that I didn't care. Love your pictures ! Lijiang looks so cute - and I've never heard the expression "chinglish". too funny.

  2. @Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] I guess there's a reason why places turn into "tourist traps": because they're charming! =) And yes, "Chinglish" is very funny!

  3. It looks really stunning. And the sign is funny, yet confusing...

  4. @Tobias I know! I'm still trying to come up with some plausible explanation of what they could have possibly meant...

  5. Looks SO lovely! And the Chinglish sign is hysterical!!! I have so many pics of these signs from my travels to China.

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