Sunday, March 6, 2011

Montage Monday: Making New Friends

This Montage Monday is dedicated to all the wonderful friends I made while traveling abroad! It is with them that I have some of the best travel memories possible!

Getting down and dirty in Jordan's Dead Sea
I was extremely grateful to have met these nice people while I was traveling solo in Jordan. We had a blast discovering Amman and trying to find respite from the sweltering heat together. Not only did they make my days incredibly awesome, it was also nice to not have to travel around by myself. Those people aren't kidding, the Middle East isn't the easiest place for a woman on her own!

Instant friends in Istanbul
It's rare that once in awhile, when and where you least expect it, you meet a kindred spirit. Someone who just seems to click with you. When I first arrived in Istanbul, I didn't know anyone and I was feeling quite lonely in a very foreign place. In breezes Assiye with her charm and wit. We became instant friends and I can attribute many of my fond memories and deep love for Istanbul to Assiye. Seni çok özledim!

Boardgames in Vietnam
Matt and I met Jessica and Rico in Nha Trang, Vietnam. It was fun for Matt and I to interact with another couple and we had a fun-filled few days renting motorbikes and exploring the countryside, going out for dinner and playing boardgames. We ran into Jessica and Rico a couple more times before they left Vietnam and each time, we were all smiles and grins!

Making friends in Pisco, Peru
I traveled to Peru in 2008 on my own, my first official solo trip! I was pretty excited about it and felt so empowered in Peru. I was making my way around, using my Spanish, all on my own! But it was pretty lonely too. Luckily, after my first two nights, I met a lovely bunch of guys in Pisco: Rob from UK and Rune and Niklas from Denmark. We all hit it off immediately over a game of pool at our hostel and went out for many a pisco sour that same night. I ended up traveling with them for the next few days before we all parted ways. It was a great few days and we all still keep in touch. In fact, when I went to Copenhagen the following year, I met up with Rune and Niklas again!

One year later, Copenhagen!
Have you ever made some wonderful friends on your trips abroad that you still keep in contact with?

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  1. Oh how wonderful! Yes, one of my best friends I met for just three days while I was a nanny in Portugal. She is now like my sister and we are very close, traveling to see each other whenever possible. :-)

  2. What a lovely post! It's fun to see how traveling actually opens people's minds, not only to new places... but to new people! I've made friends in so many places, and still am in touch with some of them! It's particularly nice when you actually get to meet again in a different part of the World...

  3. Yeah, I love meeting people on the road that I wind up staying in touch with. It's one of the best things about travel!

  4. @RamblingTart In a situation like that, you've just got to believe in Fate! How lovely that you met someone that you became so close with!

    @Katherina In my opinion, travel just makes people more open in general to all sorts of things, including friendships. Some people may just be a friend during the holiday but others can end up being really important in your life. And traveling helps us be open to those types of possibilities. It's great!

    @Gray I agree, Gray! I like the keeping in touch part too! Helps you remember your holidays all the better!

  5. I love the bizarre geographical story combinations that arise when you meet people traveling, like: I learned an Israeli card game from an Aussie while in Argentina!! Always makes me laugh, to say these sentences I never thought I'd ever say... :)

  6. @Dalene That is pretty awesome! The coolest statement I can come up with is that I learned a Danish drinking game in Istanbul, but that was from a group of Danish guys. =)

  7. Your blogs arouse my interests in travelling !


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