Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#TTOT Roundup: Train Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via : What country would you recommend to travel by train? 
  • : China!! Huge country, diverse scenery, affordable trains. The headache u get when buying tickets is worth the ride 
  • : It's gotta be my Albanian train trip I've raved about way too many times. I called Forgotten Railway. Amazing and super cheap
  • : Italy, because the meals served in the dining cars are to die for! 
  • : Bosnia, if you have time. Train unreliable, gorgeous ride
  • : Transiberian is also an interesting experience, if long journeys don't scare you
  • : India. A complete cultural experience. Sensory overload from the second you arrive at the station
    Trains in Turkey are so nostalgic!

    Q2 via : What are your essential tips when packing for train travel?
    • : TP or at least pocket tissues are a must! But mostly things to pass the time - book, camera, cards, etc.
    • : Food, there is no better way to make your new compartment buddies happier
    • : Warm socks b/c it can get drafty with doors open etc - nice to feel comfortable 
    • : Pack sense of nostalgia, a sense of adventure, and a sense of humour
    • : A travel pillow, blanket, stretchy pants & good book 
    • : Dark sunglasses. I like staring at people when they don't realize I'm staring at them
    • : A pen and paper, write and sketch/illustrate as much as you can! Great for train rides

    Q3 via : What is the most beautiful route you've traveled by train?
    • : Boden - Kiruna - Narvik in northern Sweden/Norway in the midnight sun
    • : North Vancouver to Whistler on a sunny day is gorgeous - mountain, ocean & canyon views
    • : English Riviera to St Ives at dawn
    • : The overnight train from Cairo to Luxor, specifically waking up in the morning to see the Egyptian countryside passing by 
    • : Japan. Convenience and the unexpected diversity of Japanese culture made it special
    • : Train travel through New York state in autumn was a great surprise. Scarlet leaves, river views - much better than by road
    • : I really enjoyed north India journey between Delhi and Rajasthan  
    Train station in India, empty at dawn

     Q4 via : Which railway route would you like built, that doesn't yet exist?
    • : I'd like them to fill in the missing gaps between Cape Town and Cairo
    • : Underwater in the great barrier reef......pipe dream!
    • : San Francisco to Honolulu. How hard can it be?
    • : Highspeed rail line from Beijing to London ( via Delhi) That might be a reality soon. 2 days might take
    • : Trains that goes to the beach, honestly so I can say to my boss I took the wrong train 
    • : You should be able to take a train from Vancouver to San Diego   
    • : PLEASE bring back trains in South America. ANYWHERE. Sad that continent is pretty much train-free

    Q5 via : 3 ways to improve travel by train?
    • : Let's have reduced prices, free wi-fi and cosy stations!
    • : Making train travel cheaper than driving would be a great start
    • : Perfect toilet faicilities, timetables that every country actually sticks to and something that silences screaming babies
    • : Faster, Cheaper, More Alcohol
    • :1) Make every seat 1st class, 2) Serve everyone giant peanuts, 3) Build loop-the-loops into the track 4 interest

    Traveling first class in London

    And there you have it, "Train Travel"!

    Next week's #TTOT topic is: "Capital Cities" submitted by Kelly Dean Ottawa. Submit your questions HERE! And don't forget to tune follow the #TTOT every Tuesday at 9:30am and 9:30pm GMT!

    As always, a HUGE travel community thank you to our #TTOT hosts and organizers: traveldudes, , , , , , and !

    Have YOU got anything to add to the Train Travel discussion? 

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    1. Ahhh, i love train ride!
      Thanks for always do the #TTOT roundup Connie! I've missed few sessions already and I'm missing the super speed twitter timeline. Work is being cruel to me :(

    2. Woah! gtrot will have to join in on the #TTOT roundup!


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