Sunday, July 31, 2011

Highlights from Hong Kong's First Restaurant Week

It's no secret that I love food.You can imagine my excitement last month when I heard that Hong Kong was going to launch Restaurant Week 2011 in mid-July.

Unfortunately, I regret to report that I was slightly disappointed by the first Hong Kong Restaurant Week. Although a good number of restaurants were participating, only a few were on my "top list" of places to try in Hong Kong. Undeterred and always happy to eat, I made my way to several Hong Kong Restaurant Week meals and had a few lovely meals.

Here are some of the highlights!

Bloom of Lily & Bloom 

From the moment I walked into Bloom, I was instantly enamored with the industrial meets country-cottage aesthetic that, strangely enough, recalled the days of Prohibition era speakeasies. Maybe it was all the iron fittings in contrast next to hanging pots of plants and candles, I'm not sure. Perhaps I'm not really describing it accurately, but whatever. Bloom looked amazing and I loved it!

My ceviche appetizer was slightly less citrus-y than how I normally prefer it, but a great way to start my meal, nonetheless. Unfortunately for me, it came in a rather small tumbler. I suppose a small helping does exactly what an "appetizer" is suppose to because it certainly did whet my appetite for the rest of my meal!

The main course of tender pork medallions was deliciously accompanied with a plum compote. At first glance, I was afraid that my unnaturally large stomach wouldn't be completely satisfied but the serving size proved to be just perfect. I was very happy by the time I had polished off my plate!

But of course, there's always room for dessert!

The dessert of white macadamia nut cookies with warm chocolate sauce was, no doubt, the highlight of the meal at Bloom. The cookies were crisp around the edges and soft in the middle, had just the right number of macadamia nuts, and that chocolate sauce! Warm and richly decadent, I was practically drinking the chocolate once I gobbled down the cookies!

The entire dining experience at Bloom was a fabulous one. The service was excellent and the food was an absolute delight. I'd definitely come back to Bloom! Besides, I saw their hamburgers. I'm DEFINITELY coming back!

Cafe Deco Bar & Grill

Another dinner I was looking forward to was Cafe Deco Bar & Grill for the stunning views overlooking Hong Kong from Victoria Peak. Unfortunately, the night of my reservation was filled with rain and mist that overshadowed all of Hong Kong. Luckily, the main course of wok-fried tiger prawns and trevally with a citrus glaze and was tasty and pretty enough to distract me from the poor views. By the time I had thoroughly enjoyed my main, the clouds temporarily lifted and I was able to catch my view of the Hong Kong skyline. A very lovely dinner! 

All in all, Hong Kong Restaurant Week fell a bit short of my expectations, but it still provided a couple of stand-out meals and dining experiences. I'm hoping to see new improvements and developments at the next Restaurant Week as the event gains popularity.

Have YOU got a Restaurant Week or top-notch dining experience to share?

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  1. The food you featured looks so good! We just had our first Denver County Fair this weekend. I guess our county has traditionally been too urbad for a fair, but they decided to bring it back. Anyway, the food was supposed to be tradtional carnival fair and fine dining, but it was all turkey legs, corndogs, and hamburgers. I was disappointed.

  2. @Bess I can see how you would be disappointed, expecting fine dining and getting served corndogs instead. BUT I actually like corndogs when they're done right and after being away from the States for almost two years, I'd give my right arm for traditional carnival food right about now! =)

  3. I want this concept to come to Chile!

    Mmm, and those pics look like a foodie paradise!

  4. @Kyle Yes, I can only begin to imagine all the tasty food to be had in Chile! =)

  5. I LOVE Restaurant Weeks! I'm headed to the Las Vegas Restaurant Week in about 3 weeks. Can't wait!

  6. @Gray Wow, I can just imagine how delicious Restaurant Week in Las Vegas can be! Have a great time and I can't wait to see your photos! *Drooling already!*


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