Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#TTOT Round-Up: Cruise Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via : Have you been on a cruise? Why or why not?
  • : Haven't done lg ship cruise- only small ships around/to Greek Isles. I don't think I could handle being on a large ship for a week 
  • : Problem with cruises is all the old people...anyone ever been on "young" cruise? 
  • : Haven't been on a cruise yet, really don't like their environmental impact :( But maybe I'll go sailing one day  
  • : Yes -- cruises are great for seeing multiple locations without relocating your luggage every night
  • : Yes, I've been on many cruises! I esp love expedition-style cruises. Good way to travel to remote & inaccessible spots
  • : Totally yes THANX to my father who took us on a cruise vacay once, which was the best thing ever  happened to me: cruising!

Q2 via : What's the best experience you've had on a cruise?
  • : Watching a sleeping blue whale wake up and cruise round our ship in Antarctica
  • : Cruising in to NYC harbor and seeing the Statue of Liberty. A wonderful and worthy UNESCO landmark 
  • : Either docking in Banjul, venturing out at night w/ locals or catching fresh sashimi in Comoros
  • : Being able to visit several of the Scottish Islands on Hebridean Princess - was amazing. Ultra luxury too
  • : Balcony Cabin through the Caribbean. Swimming with stingrays in Cayman Islands
  • : Queen Mary... Slept on balcony one night to fall asleep to sounds of the ocean

Q3 via : What's your dream cruise? Sailing boat or "Steamer"? 
  • : An icebreaking saliboat in the NorthWest passage now that is my kind of cruise, ultimate adventure
  • : It would have to be a sailing boat - chilled out, private, better for the environment
  • : No questions asked: Sailing! So relaxing & quiet & you can play with the winds
  • : A trans-atlantic steamer just like An Affair to Remember: The French Riviera, couture evening gowns, pink champagne & Carey Grant
  • : I would love a cruise to the Galapago Islands and watch all the whales and sea life around 
  • : Sailing perhaps, would like to sail to all 7107 islands we have in the Philippines
  • : A steamer down the Mississippi channeling my inner Huck Finn!
  • : Steamer? Sails? I'll settle for a remake of Titanic wherein Leonardo Dicaprio lives

Q4 via : What features would your dream cruise ship have to have?
  • : We'd like a cruise ship made of glass so you could see right through to to the ocean floor!
  • : A man on a Mast screaming "LAND AHEAD" everytime we approach detination
  • : Hot waiters? Is that too crass?
  • : The big new ships already have a wave for surfing... What else could there be?
  • : Very good lifejackets, that's all.
  • Professors and/or local historians to tell us about the area 
  • : An emergency Kate Winslet. In case of fire
  • : WiFi to participate at the awesome TTOT! And of course a hammock to relax

Q5 via : Which would be your most epic route for a cruise?
  • : LA to Hawaii to French Polynesia to Asia and back
  • : Sail around Indonesia
  • : Really I'd go wherever the wind and currents took the sailing ship
  • : Mediterranean cruise through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Corsica and Malta
  • : From the South Pole to the North Pole, that would be pretty epic
  • : Can you put both the Galapagos and Antarctica into one cruise
  • : around the Pacific Ocean - Japan, Bering sea, NorthAmerica coast, Peru, Chile, Antartica, NZ, Australia
  • : Sailing UK to Australia, kinda like the convicts

And there you have it, "Cruise Travel"!  

Next week's #TTOT topic is: "Islands" submitted by boz23. Submit your questions HERE! And don't forget to tune follow the #TTOT every Tuesday at 9:30am and 9:30pm GMT!

As always, a HUGE travel community thank you to our #TTOT hosts and organizers: traveldudes, , , , , , and !  

Have YOU got anything to add to the Cruise travel discussion? 

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  1. Great roundup Connie! And very interesting TTOT topic too especially as there's good number of people who haven't been on a cruise!

  2. @Jerick Yeah, I think "cruise travel" still has a reputation for being more geared towards "senior citizens" but hopefully this can also lead to more people starting to consider cruise travel.


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