Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

Inconspicuously tucked between Hong Kong's busier districts of Causeway Bay and Tin Hau, lies a small district (and one of my favorite places to hang out) called Tai Hang. Although usually not crammed full of people, Tai Hang draws in the crowds during the Mid-Autumn Festival with the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance.

The Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance begins

According to local legend, a typhoon and the subsequent cholera outbreak wreaked havoc on the fishing village of Tai Hang over a century ago. A soothsayer decreed the only way to end the plague was to appease the gods and perform a fire dragon dance.

Apparently it worked and Tai Hang has continued the tradition of the Fire Dragon Dance every year since. It's near pandemonium, but absolute fun!

Young girls dress up and carry pretty lanterns

The drumming is deafening, perhaps to wake the Fire Dragon?

The formidable Fire Dragon

The 220-foot long Fire Dragon dances its way through Tai Hang

The Fire Dragon's tail is filled with incense sticks for good luck

Fire Dragon dancers hard at work

The Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance goes on for three consecutive nights leading up to the Mid-Autumn Festival. You can catch the dancing smoke within walking distance from the Tin Hau MTR, exit A1. Just follow the crowds until you reach Tai Hang. Trust me, you can't miss it.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! How will YOU celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival???

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  1. Looks great fun Connie. I remember being bewitched be Hong Kong as a child. Nothing beats a good dragon!

  2. I love how other countries have such amazing performances. Festivals are amazing. It looks like such a great time!

  3. @Liv Dragon's definitely are cool, especially ones on fire! =)

    @Mica I love festivals as well. It's a great way to learn more about a particular culture and their customs. Serious fun!

  4. Eh! was there yesterday. Third time already, but always enjoy the local festivities. You don't get that sort of thing anywhere else!

  5. @Fili A very special event that I've never seen anywhere else, for sure!

  6. Wow , It seems a special event i wish someday i could see it.

    1. I hope you can see it for yourself one day too! It's indeed very special!


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