Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#TTOT Round-Up: Visa & Immigration

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via : Ever been stopped at the Airport Immigration? What happened?
  • : Worked with a guy who bought a replica hand grenade cigarette lighter on holiday. He almost got shot at Dubai Airport
  • To the amusement of my friends I was stopped at NZ immigration for taking a tent with me from OZ. They needed to check for bugs
  • I find when travelling with 4 screaming kids - no-one stops you at customs
  • : In India and in Myanmar. They saw my journalist visa and wanted to know why I was in their country
  • I was denied entry into the nation of Kiribait because the ink on the visa bled off the page of my passport
  • : Once in new York- questions about black eye in the the visa photo!

Q2 via : Most treasured visa in the passport and why?
  • : Turkmenistan, via the Caspian Sea ferry. Quite rare
  • My chinese visa in my previous passport. It took me 3 weeks and a fake plainticket to get it
  • I love the fact that I have a Pakistani one as it's something a lot of people are wary of getting these days
  • : I am very fond of my triangular Zanzibar visa stamp!
  • My first one - England. It was weirdest feeling when he stamped it. It was the sound of uncertainty and adventure
  • : I love the one for Stewart, BC. We had to ask them to stamp it for us. It's cute, and not many people enter Canada from there
  • : Not a real visa but in Galapagos you can have a fun'stamp put in your passport One of the prettiest I have and always get comments

Q3 via : What's the funniest question you ever got at immigration?
  • : US visa app- I said I was visiting my boyfriend and the lady asked, "Have you actually met him, sweetie?"  
  • : My most recent Russian one: "Do you have any experience in specialized weapons training or manufacturing explosives?"
  • : Have you ever smuggled reptiles or birds illegally?
  • : Don't have anything funny, but they made me pull cash out of an ATM at Heathrow - they sure don't like 1 way tickets
  • I often get funny looks ... Iceland? Is that a country? 
  • : When I was a kid, the question at the Canadian border: "Why are you here?" 'Hockey." "OK, you can go." 
  • : US consul asked me what was my favorite type of ice cream, with a very serious face expression
  • : Why did you continue to travel by yourself in South America after your family returned to the US? Me: It's fun
  • : "Do Twinkies have meat in them?" From an Australian Immigration Officer.

Q4 via : Have you ever been refused a visa and been given the weirdest reason as to why?
  • Chinese border officials wouldn't let us in carrying the Lonely Planet guide book - it lists Taiwan as a separate country
  • : My friends & I almost weren't allowed in Slovakia because we didn't have some sticker on car. $ worked though
  • Got rejected 3 times when applying US visa after 9/11. Reason from the embassy: Nobody would fly to US at that time
  • : Refused entry because the people I was travelling with tried to bribe the border guard
  •  Yes, at the French Consulate in Istanbul for arguing with them about the way they were treating headscarved people: like shit
  • : Was in India when they suddenly decided tourists can't reenter too quickly after leaving

Q5 via : Do you think it's fair that the world is not open to travel by everyone?
  • : Fair? No. Can I understand why countries worry about migrants sneaking in? Yes
  • The problem is that illegals still scam the system while legals try to do it right and still fail sometimes
  • : I think in an ideal world this would be amazing. Unfortunately we live in a world where some can't be trusted/don't have respect 
  • Oh, boy. I wish I was here live to get into this. Of course it's fair. We live in a world of countries and laws. Deal with it
  • Some places are being spoilt by unrestricted tourism. And clearly politics plays a part. I don't like it, but I understand
  • No! I have 4 nieces that had their dreams of coming to visit US crushed by an official that denied their Visas 
  • : Travel opens minds about the world in ways that no other experience can. I wish entire process was easier for all

And there you have it, "Visa & Immigration"!    

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Have YOU got anything to add to the Visa & Immigration travel discussion? 

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