Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#TTOT Round-Up: New Seven Wonders

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "New Seven Wonders!"

Q1 via : From the 28 Finalists pick your number one and tell us why : ?
  • Great Barrier Reef. It's dying before our eyes and taking the cast of Nemo with it.
  • Amazon, one of the most diverse wonders of our world
  • :I'm voting for the Grand Canyon. It's literally breathtaking
  • : Those mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan just sound really cool
  • :What a toughie! Close my eyes and point to...Galapagos!
  • : My new 7 wonders pick is Halong Bay, Vietnam! It's just magical, worth the long drive!
Magical Halong Bay in Vietnam

Q2 via : Do you think a specific region is under/over-represented on the new list? Why?
  • : I really can't believe the Canadian and US Rockies aren't on this list
  • : Africa under-represented hands down — there's definitely more than 2 candidates on the ENTIRE continent!
  • : Looks like Russia is missing out on the party
  • I think any region which you are familiar with, for me Europe, can be seen as over-represented

Q3 via : What would be your 8th wonder in fitting with the 7 Wonders of the World & why?
  • : 8th Wonder of the World? Lake Hawea or Tekapo in New Zealand! Anyplace I'm in awe at has my vote
  • : The Dead Sea
  • May not be a wonder, but Kilimanjaro
  • My 8th region would be the Polar regions. The most fragile of all and determining the fate of an entire plant 
  • : Technology: the fact we can all be chatting from different parts of the world!
  • : Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors & Horses and Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, Xian China cuz its wicked 
  • : Mount Everest. Takes your breath away even if it wasn't the world's tallest mountain
  • : Aurora Borealis, doesn't get enough attention for how amazing it is
The Aurora Borealis, as seen from Iceland

Q4 via : Which do you find more impressive, natural wonders or manmade wonders? Why?
  • Both really
  • Natural wonders attract me more.. there's just something about nature
  • : The sublime beauty of the Taj Mahal matches almost anything in nature, which is saying a lot
  • : Natural Wonders! human engineering is great, but planet earth is better
  • I'm going to say manmade, simply because we can relate to that achievement. The power of Mother Nature is far greater
  • I love the inspiration and accomplishment w/ manmade, but the natural are truly mind-blowing n beautiful
  • : Mother Nature will kicks our butts every time when it comes to building and destroying. She wins
Q5 via : What do you think of the list of the New 7 Wonders? Does it influence your travel plans? Explain!
  • : I wanted to visit all the places listed (and more) before I knew about this list. So this just makes me want to travel sooner
  • I haven't even heard of this new list. 7 wonders of the ancient wonders inspires me more
  • The list doesn't influence my travels, but I did learn about new places. Plus I'm hoping it spawns a new season of Idiot Abroad 
  • : The list is too big to fit into 7, so a list of 7 means nothing to me. We should make our own lists
  • : List is a popularity contest, would never influence my travels, lists and trails are made to be broken be a pathfinder

And there you have it, the "New Seven Wonders"!  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the New Seven Wonders travel discussion? 

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