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#TTOT Round-Up: Camping Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Camping Travel!" 

Q1 via : Advice for non-campers to get the most out of camping.
  • Make sure your sleeping bag is warm enough. No one likes to freeze in their sleep
  • : Sound carries... snoring and other things! Take some ear plugs
  • : Don't be afraid of...the dark, but also nature!! There may be spooky noises but not *all* of them are made by ferocious creatures
  • : A good Thermarest or equivalent self-inflating mattress is the campers best friend, comfortable insulation
  • : Don't take yourself so seriously. Put down the mask, laugh at your messed up hair, wrinkled clothes and enjoy

Q2 via : What is your funniest/disastrous camping story?
  • : Watching my camper come loose and roll away behind the car
  • : When we poisoned our own and the neighbors kids by roasting marshmallows over toxic logs
  • : Didn't think we'd need to worry about rain, so didn't put up the 2nd layer of the tent. at 4 am: HAIL
  • : Not my story but my dad once woke up in a tent with a toad lodged in his armpit
  • : Camped in a field of sheep that liked leaping onto tent-shaped hay mounts - and presumably hay mount-shaped tents 

Q3 via : Ever woke up w/ something in your tent that shouldn't have been there?
  • Hillbillies tried to break down our camper door complaining the internet was down & couldn't do online poker
  • Bugs and lizards, but really, they SHOULD be there. My tent was on their turf
  • : Luckily not INSIDE, but lots of QUOKKAS outside the tent on Rottnest Island, Australia
  • 5 Inches of snow in the summer
  • : Yes, a stranger! And when we camped in Egypt, a camel
  • A snake...of the non-poisonous kind...tried to snuggle up with me once. Not my type

Q4 via : What is the one extravagance that you must have on camping trips?
  • : For summer camping, give hammocks a try - so comfy! The shelter itself can be considered an luxury
  • : Butter for my fresh fish and toilet roll
  • : Good wine & cheese and a nice crusty bread
  • Extravagance - pimped my bed roll by buying gold blanket & pillow in Xinjiang market China
  • 500 thread count sleeping bag. Luxe baby
  • : A hotel

Q5 via : What's your favourite camp-side food?
  • : Smores, always
  • : Grilled whatever meat, rice, veggies, and spices
  • : Everything tastes better around a campfire. I love warm runny eggs on fire-toasted bread
  • : Grilled cheeseburgers, roasted marshmallows/smores (and anything served on safari)
  • Freshly caught fish is always great, but unreliable, at least in my family
  • : Grilled chicken and what-ever-you've-got soup
  • : Instant coffee, can't live without my caffeine
  • S'mores with Resse's Peanut Butter Cups... EPIC

And there you have it, "Camping Travel"!     

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Camping Travel" discussion? 

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