Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#TTOT Round-Up: TTOT

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "TTOT and its First Year Anniversary!" 

Q1 via : Has #TTOT ever explicitly inspired you to travel somewhere?
  • #TTOT inspires me to grab my passport and explore the world. Just travel for travel's sake. Everywhere is on my list!
  • : Def helped spur my desire to see Northern Lights - the more I talk about it the more I gotta do it! SOON!
  • : #TTOT helped create my desire to head to the Faroe Islands
  • : #TTOT adds to my travel bucket list weekly. Can't wait to take some of the trips I've learned about
  • It's brought a few places to mind in my home country that I had never thought of visiting, plus made lots more mates
  • : Writing my own answers on #TTOT has made me want to revisit places that I've already been

Q2 via : What's the most bizarre/unusual place you've done from?
  • I try and tweet from the classroom if I'm teaching on Tuesdays, difficult but so far successful as I get my students involved
  • : Usually with my head in the clouds planning the next epic adventure
  • : Well, I'm sitting in my car now in a snowstorm at the roots of Eyjafjallajokull volcano. How's that?
  • Two words. Airplane. BATHROOM!! BLAM
  • Sadly, nowhere unusual. Just my boring desk job
  • : Pretending to take notes in an important meeting, but tweeting about bad bathroom experiences instead 

Q3 via : What do you get from ?
  • : Friends who inspire, and find inspiration without attitude. We all love travel, that's what it's all about
  • : Meeting awesome people from around the world and talking about my favorite subject, travel
  • A platform to share my own advice, stories, pics etc. with like minded people who appreciate them
  • : #TTOT has connected me with people I never would have known and opened hidden doors I never knew were closed
  • Best thing is chatting with people as enthusiastic about travel as I am and remembering past trips
  • : Being part of amazing travel community of lovely people who want to share advice & even embarrassing stories
  • : Friendship, laughs and inspiration. And the chance to sift thru travel memories

Q4 via : What can be done to improve ?
  • : More questions, less time between
  • This ones easy... MAKE #TTOT LONGER!!
  • I like #TTOT as it is now - no complaints
  • : Sometimes I forget that you can write funny answers, too... Not everything needs to be serious. Creativity is king
  • More pictures!
  • : Anybody else think #TTOT could make a awesome travel conference all of its own?

Q5 via What topic would you like to discuss in future?
  • More culinary adventure travel! I can talk food forever
  • : Theme parks. Yes, I´m being serious
  • : With the Olympics coming up this year, maybe something Olympics-related?
  • : How about active travel? Cycling vacations, kayaking trips, hiking excursions
  • : Booze from around the world
  • Nature travel: travel to National parks, Galapagos, etc

And there you have it, "TTOT and its First Year Anniversary"!    

Next week's #TTOT topic is: "Once in a Lifetime Travel!" Submit your questions HERE! And don't forget to follow the #TTOT every Tuesday at 9:30am and 9:30pm GMT to chat about all things travel!

As always, a HUGE travel community thank you to our #TTOT hosts and organizers: traveldudes, , , , , , and !

Have YOU got anything to add to the "TTOT and its First Year Anniversary" discussion? 

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