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#TTOT Round-Up: Once in a Lifetime Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Once in a Lifetime Travel!" 

Q1 via : If money was no object, where would your 'once in a lifetime' trip take you?
  • : If money wouldn't be an issue, I'd travel for the rest of my life. That would be the most amazing "once in a lifetime trip"
  • : The moon
  • : I'd follow in the footsteps of Charlie and Ewan and take the Long Way Down, Long Way Round... and then hit Antarctica
  • : A Mediterranean tour starting in Cote d'Azur & hitting up all the Greek islands 
  • : North Korea, and meet the locals
  • : Would love to do an overland Africa trip by public transport
  • : TO THE SPACE!!!!! I want to see the stars, galaxies, and the overview of Earth
  • : To sail up Nile,cont into the jungles,sail Victoria lake,head on to Victoria falls & end in Cape Town
  • : Castle hopping around Europe

Q2 via : Which trips that used to be "once in a lifetime" have now become commonplace?
  • : Every journey is unique - but nearly everyone has done the south east corner at least once
  • : Middle East. now travellers have been on that region even in Iran
  • : I believe some places should always remain hard to reach only for those with the skills necessary to do so
  • : Most places. The length of time is more of a luxury now than distance I reckon 
  • : For my age group, Prague. It used to sound so exotic. Now people go there like its the Jersey Shore
  • : Trips overseas have become overrated - which is why I'm working to revive the 'once in a lifetime' idea of the American road trip
  • : The Camino de Santiago de Compostela
  • : The whole RTW thing used to be HUGE! Now it's pretty common

Q3 via : Share (and label) a photo of your 'Once in a Lifetime' travel experience 

: Mount Everest Base Camp, Tibet side

: Sadla Island, Eritrea

: Throwing myself off Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown

: Tahiti

Q4 via : If you could only travel to one continent from here to the end of (your) time, which one would you choose & why? 
  • : Asia - after 15 years exploring it from Iran and Pakistan, to India and SE Asia, it never fails to impress or amaze
  • : Europe. So many countries, cultures So much history. Great food
  • : Africa, without a doubt. History, wildlife, landscapes, it's got everything
  • : South America appeals to me ever since I saw Motorcycle Diaries
  • : Europe- so many countries + cultures in 1 continent, never bored
  • : Asia - I haven't seen any of it yet. Plus, it includes the Indian subcontinent. DOUBLE WIN
  • : Haven't been to enough places to answer this! But if I had to pick it'd be Australia because you have New Zealand too
  • : South America - mountains, beaches, amazon, markets, and the locals like a party
  • : Since NZ isn't really a continent I'm going to go with Oceania

Q5 via : What was the best travel moment you had that it is impossible to remake?
  • : Finding a stranded baby turtle on an empty beach in Queensland and returning it to the water. Didn't have a camera on me. Doh
  • : Selling everything, quitting my job, and traveling for the first time in my life
  • : The 1st trip anywhere is just unique & fab. No chance to get the same moment/feeling again
  • : Can't reproduce any of them, but dancing in the rain to a street performer over the Seine in Paris on my honeymoon
  • : Probably cooking over and in a fire with a family in a village in Northern Albania
  • : Swimming with a whale shark for the first time here in Koh Tao! Get chills thinking about it
  • : Waking up in a strange room & not knowing where I am, like just now
  • : Watching old couples get up and dance to a live orchestra in the streets of Venice
  • : Drinking a 1974 Stag's Leap Cabernet all thanks to tweet invite to a road trip to Napa
  • : Snorkeling with killer whales in Tysford, in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, mindblowing 
  • : Meeting Yoko Ono in Paris was kinda cool
  • : Being offered to marry a man from Timbuktu in exchange for his father's camels

And there you have it, "Once in a Lifetime Travel"!    

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Once in a Lifetime Travel" discussion? 

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