Friday, August 10, 2012

My New York City Essential Eats

By now, I'm sure you're all aware of how much I love New York City. The biggest reason I love New York so dearly, aside from my fabulous friends, is the availability of great food that can be found on almost every single street. Despite the many, many options available, I always visit several can't-miss New York City essential eats on every trip back.

Here are a few of my favorite New York City food:

Grilled corn - Cafe Habana, NoLita

Cafe Habana's famed grilled corn

This grilled corn smothered with cotija cheese, butter, spices, and fresh lime is the perfect way to start off your Cafe Habana meal. Although this tiny Cuban diner also makes a strong mojito and serves up an award-winning Cuban sandwich, it's the corn that has me returning again and again. If you're not one for waiting (expect at least an hour during busy dining hours), head around the corner to Habana To Go where you can grab a few select menu items, including (thank goodness!) the grilled corn, over the counter.

Slice of artichoke pizza - Artichoke Basille's Pizza, East Village

Artichoke pizza, fresh out of the oven

This ain't your average New York City pizza! There isn't one thing that sets Artichoke pizza apart from all the other pizza shops, but the gooey cheese, roasted artichokes, fresh herbs, and garlic cream sauce definitely have something to do with it. A slice of Artichoke pizza makes for an delicious and fast meal (trust me, the slices are HUGE). And for a mere $4.50 per slice, it's one of New York City's best food deals. Open until 4am during the week and 5:30am on weekends, you can often find it packed with locals on their way home after a night out in the East Village, which is a sight to see in itself as well!

Deli food - Carnegie Deli, Theatre District

A classic Rueben sandwich at Carnegie Deli

Choosing a favorite deli in New York City is like picking your favorite child; it's near impossible to admit say which one you favor more , but if I absolutely had to choose, Carnegie Deli would be my ultimate love child. I just adore walking into Carnegie's with a group of friends, knowing that we're all going to walk out several hours later a lot happier and fuller, and perhaps even a little bit rounder. The size of their signature sandwiches border on the absurd, making great sharing plates for groups, and perhaps even a nice packed lunch for the next day. I don't have a particular sandwich I always eat so I've been going down the list of Carnegie Deli's extensive menu. I do, however, always start every meal at Carnegie's with a bowl of their matzah ball soup and end with their cheese blintzes (and a side of sour cream and apple sauce, thank you very much). It's a meal of epic portions, but it is SO good!

I never end a meal at Carnegie Deli's without their cheese blintzes

Oh dear. Now I've done it. I've made myself hungry and craving cheese blintzes. Alright, gotta go!

Watch out for my follow-up post: New Discoveries in New York City Food coming soon!

What is YOUR can't-miss New York City food?

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