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#TTOT Round-Up: Travel Games

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Travel Games!"

Q1 via What is the best road trip game?
  • : The Name Game: Watch: CairO. OkinawA. ArkansaS. St. SebastiaN
  • : Would you rather! Makes for some interesting convos 
  • : 20 questions without Google because that's just cheating 
  • : 'What am I thinking?' passes the time 
  • : I Spy! Many good things to spy while on a road trip 
  • : Name that tune is our favorite. Music is essential for a good road trip
  • : Punchbuggy, clearly. particularly if one is visiting England
  • : Horse. You shout horse if you see a horse. Minus points if you shout it and it's cow/sheep/postbox

Q2 via Do you have a game you can play with anybody on the road, regardless of language or culture? 
  • : We learned to make origami frogs from train tickets, you can bounce them into a glass. Timeless, language agnostic and for all ages 
  • : Twister- it's a classic and no language needed
  • : Backgammon. Very universal and you don't need to speak 
  • : UNO - Colored playing cards with numbers...everybody knows numbers and colors regardless of their culture and language 
  • : Singing along to old Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys songs. Everybody knows. Even the haters
  • : Thumb war and rock/paper/scissor/lizard/Spock
  • : Card games. A pack of cards can break any language barrier. And ice

Q3 via What are the best game apps? 
  • : Fruit Ninja! Love slicing those fruits and see them splatter on the wall
  • : Maybe Tetris or good old Angry Birds
  • : I'm a big fan of Words with Friends. Scrabble can get really competitive, and pass a lot of time 
  • : Draw Something
  • : Tap The Frog is addictive
  • : You can get Final Fantasy games now as apps. This is heaven for all gamers 
  • : Snake. The greatest phone game of all time 
  • : I'm addicted to Temple Run at the moment
  • : World Flags and Country quiz games, you learn about another country while being inspired 

Q4 via What's the best beach game to play?

Q5  via Favorite games to play all by yourself when traveling solo?
  • : I have two Sudoku books with me for long bus rides when electronics just don't cut it! Endless hours of entertainment 
  • : Guess what arguments are about when you don't speak their language
  • : People watching (and secretly, people judging)
  • : Solitaire 
  • : Take photos of other travelers taking silly travel photos 
  • : Game wise though the Rubix Cube wins hands down 
  • : Making up absurd/fictional stories about people I watch 

And there you have it, "Travel Games!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Travel Games" discussion? 

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