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#TTOT Round-Up: Travel Photography

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Travel Photography!"

Q1 via - Besides Instagram ... What are your favorite photo apps?
  • : I use my Flickr app a lot though to keep track of my Project 365 photos - am storing all them on there in a set  
  • : I'm really liking "Pixlr-o-Matic", and "Just Pictures" to see all my stuff in one place 
  • : Snapseed, for all pre-Instagram needs
  • : We use Picasa 3 for editing and organising images 
  • : Colour touch from Android App. You can edit your pic in many ways 
  • : Filterstorm! It’s got all of the basic adjustments - cloning tools, selective adjustment and fairly effective noise reduction 
  • : I like Postagram, Stachematic, BeFunky, Photo Editor+ and Camera+ 
  • : Good app for panoramas - AutoStich
  • : Camera 360 for android is my smart phone photography app of choice
  • : Camera FX for Android is very useful and worth the buy

Q2 via - A picture is worth a thousand words. Share a travel photo that tells a story! 

: London

: Joshua Tree

: Nepal

: Sabah

: Guatemala

Q3 via How can you still capture great travel photos when the weather is not cooperating?
  • : weather can make for some incredibly dramatic photos
  • : Use those cloudy days to play around with your photography, like going black and white
  • : Harsh midday sunlight is the biggest enemy, get under shade, use fill flash and if camera allows it try bracketing 
  • : In rainy weather, make photos pop by adding the colors red, fuschia, orange, yellow to scene, such as with a scarf, umbrella, coat 
  • : Photograph the detail; often cities look dramatic in the wet so keep shooting; adjust white balance to warm things up
  • : Cloudy days can be great for photos - especially if you're photographing people 

Q4 via Most photogenic place you have visited?
  • : Rolling hills/farm land in Kenya - seemed draped with green velvet tacked in place with acacia trees 
  • : Iceland, because it has EVERYTHING. Mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, black sand, icebergs, geysers, cute villages, beautiful people
  • : Without a doubt, New Zealand. A photographer's dream
  • : Antarctica because the light is AMAZING
  • : Bosnia. The incredible natural beauty combined with horrific war scars was genuinely moving 
  • : India so photogenic with its monuments, landscapes, colors and incredible people
  • : Santorini, Greece, without a doubt 

Q5 via - 3 useful travel photography tips for beginners?
  • : Forced perspective. Early morning photography. Take pictures of everyday scenes 
  • : Be observant, be curious but remember to 'zoom with your feet'
  • : 1, Rule of thirds; 2, stabilize the camera in low light; and 3, use fill flash (or add it via software)
  • : Get close, no flash
  • : Always keep your camera ready to go. You don't ever want to miss a moment, especially while traveling
  • : Clean your lens 
  • : Don't be shy. Shoot in the early morning or evening for best light. Don't just shoot from eye height, change angle
  • : Always make sure the light source is behind you ... pack an extra battery ... take lots 
  • : Get to love 'macro' focus - sometimes most intriguing pics are in the close-up detail 
  • : Be respectful 

And there you have it, "Travel Photography!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Travel Photography" discussion? 

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    1. They're great, aren't they? Too bad I can't take credit for them, those are all submitted by other travelers! It's good to have inspiration though. =)


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