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#TTOT Round-Up: Adventure

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Adventure!"

Q1 via : What does "adventure" mean to you? 
  • : If it takes your breath away, even momentarily, it is an adventure
  • : Being just a little bit scared, but doing it anyway 
  • : Getting out of your comfort zone, that's adventure. Doesn't have to be crazy - it's different for everyone 
  • : When the unplanned happens, creating a great story
  • : Adventure is when my heart beats faster as I discover a new place; live a unique experience; travel with no set plans 
  • : Adventure means getting out of your comfort zone, trying something unexpected and doing something that makes you a little afraid
  • : Walking out the door with no expectations, at home or abroad  

Q2 via : What is your best adventure memory? Do you have a picture?

: Having a volcano erupt right in your face

: Tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda. So expensive but SO worth it- I'd do it again

: Climbing Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo and reaching the peak in time for sunrise

: Discovering an entire whale skeleton at Jugular Point, Antarctica

Q3 via : What would your ultimate once-in-a-lifetime adventure be? 
  • : I've always wanted to trek across Mongolia 
  • : Sail around world
  • : Would love to follow the Spice Road and eat all the cuisines that used those spices
  • : Photographing the migration in Masai Mara 
  • : We would have to say that a trip to space would be at the top our list
  • : The Mongol Rally
  • : Great white shark diving sans cage
  • : A safari n South Africa as well as getting up close and personal with mountain gorillas in Kenya/Uganda 
  • : Give me a nice catamaran and a few sailing lessons and I would love to explore the Philippine islands and Papua New Guinea

Q4 via : What would the three essentials in your Adventure Travel kit be?
  • : As in any trip the 3 Ps. Purse, passport and pants 
  • : Camera, Water, and Toilet Paper
  • : Food, more food, and some extra food. Hunger blows and I don't want a grumbling stomach to distract me from the adventure 
  • : Loads of hair elastics and clips for unruly hair, a hip flask and one of my favourite books, probably a collection of fairy tales 
  • : A knife, torch and spare pair of dry socks 
  • : Comfortable shoes with good tread, headlamp, collapsing umbrella (for sun & rain)
  • : Patience, inquisitiveness (not to the point of intrusiveness) and adrenalin

Q5 via : What scenery do you enjoy the best adventures?
  • : Love rugged hills or mountains along any coastline. Pure heaven for hikes 
  • : I am game for anything but love to be near water/ocean/lake/river/waterfall ... any water please 
  • : Cities! Higher rate of encounters with strangers; new situations. Adventure for is about surprising interactions
  • : I've turned into a jungle fan, but mountains are a close second 
  • : Gotta go with Forests. You never know what lurks behind the next tree
  • : Adventure can be found anywhere, mountains, beach, another country, etc. Just need the right attitude 
  • : All of the above; there is beauty in mountains and oceans, but also in the cities, old buildings, museums, art, the people 

And there you have it, "Adventure!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Adventure" discussion? 

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