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#TTOT Round-Up: Jobs in Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Jobs in Travel!"

Q1 via What's the craziest holiday job you have ever had?
  • : Working in a salmon fishing lodge for a whole summer! Without internet or phone services for three months
  • : Brushing Garlic, who knew that job existed 
  • : Selling wine at a Rick Astley concert
  • : A garden centre, most of the staff were ex-cons. Pretty unnerving being alone in the greenhouse with them
  • : Working at a gas station, climbing onto trucks and bulldozers when I was highly pregnant at 16
  • : Cleaning fish for dolphins
  • : Working in the kiwifruit industry is pretty wild in the "not fun at all, but weird" sense of the word

Q2 via What would be your PERFECT travel job, why?
  • : Designing travel gadgets to make traveling with kids easier. Why? Annoyed there isn't better stuff out there 
  • : Culinary tour operator. We'd get to research the good destinations
  • : Our PERFECT travel job would be setting up eco-tourism projects all over the world and promoting them
  • : Someday I might run a nice BandB or hostel at a really cool destination! I would love that
  • : Travel photographer. Gets to travel and photograph amazing places 
  • : Hotel bed tester. Send me all around the world testing out beds in the most luxurious resorts 
  • : Being a diving instructor has always seemed like the ideal job. Maybe in the Philippines

Q3  via @lizcleere What job skill could to take you round the world on an endless journey?
  • : Being able to speak fluently two or more languages 
  • : An ability to listen to people of other cultures and actually HEAR them
  • : Private pilot, helicopter or private jet would always be cool and could get you work in many places 
  • : Spreading fun and love wherever you go! People would want to invite you EVERYWHERE
  • : Good communication skills, and a willingness to try new things
  • : Knowing how to pour a good beer seems like a universal job
  • : Resourcefulness. Anything can happen and you need to be able to handle it when it does 

Q4 via What do you think is the biggest challenge to working while traveling?
  • : Procrastinating! Travel is a distraction in itself 
  • : Wifi. Goddammit. Hotels of the world- set us all free
  • : Being able to make enough money to support yourself while traveling and still having time to enjoy your destination 
  • : Restrictive visa requirements
  • : Probably adapting. Your new surroundings will likely take a few weeks or months to get used to 
  • : Finding the right balance of work and fun - Remember why you are travelling in the first place and for sure it's not for work 
  • : Finding convenient internet or phone connection and having the proper adapters. Possibly the 9+ hours time difference. Missing family/friends 

Q5 via What is your favorite gadget/app for jobs in travel? 
  • : My number 1 go-to app is TripIt - it has changed the way I travel and I love it
  • : CouchSurfing - the best tool to connect the world 
  • : Hardly a gadget these days but I've always found that a corkscrew comes in handy while working all over the world 
  • : DSLR camera! The plus of traveling a lot is the opportunity to capture some great visuals 
  • : Very boring but it's my iPhone. Useful to check mails on the run, google info for a client and manage multiple tasks in one place  
  • : Favorite gadget is the camera. Apps I love: TripIt, CurrencyConverter, iTranslate, and Skype 
  • : HootSuite & Buffer are great when I need to do social media work! Schedule tweets in advance then off to explore 

And there you have it, "Jobs in Travel!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Jobs in Travel" discussion? 

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