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#TTOT Round-Up: Staycations

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Staycations!"

Q1 via State your case for or against a staycation.
  • : For - no bags to pack and unpack. Against - you still get bugged by phone calls and visitors
  • : For - You get to discover new things in your backyards. Against - You learn a lot when you're out of your comfort zone
  • : FOR: discovering parts of your country that you previously took for granted
  • : Many people - especially travellers - know faraway places better than their own city. Staycation to be tourist in your own city
  • : A staycation to me is a normal Saturday or Sunday
  • : Exploring your own home can have more lasting rewards -- you might find your new favorite bar, reading spot, burger place, etc
  • : Against. That's what the weekend is for. Vacations are for going somewhere

Q2 via I see staycation as nearcation, what inexpensive or free things are there to see and do near you? 
  • Mumbai has many amazing free places. Take a walk across old Mumbai, visit art galleries, museums, flea markets
  • : Vintage markets of Amsterdam are pretty unknown and unmissable 
  • : If you are ever in Edinburgh you must go to the Natural History Museum. It's amazing, free, and a great day out 
  • : DC is the land of the free... Museums, concerts, you name it
  • : Around here (Iceland) you can explore hot springs, lava caves, go hiking without spending a penny 
  • : Ride the entire circuit of various bus lines in your area to see things u never saw before
  • : From Bangalore, day trip to culture-rich Mysore or bird sanctuary Rangantittu. Coffee country Coorg makes quick, cheap, fab rest and relaxation
  • : I've yet to find a city that you aren't free to walk around. Explore, observe, absorb

Q3 via What are the Top 5 do's and don't to make a staycation feel like a vacation?
  • : Make a list of ideas for a friend visiting from overseas - and then go do them yourself
  • : DO try new things, eat out, turn the phone off, relax, splurge DON'T work, stress, clean, stick to routine, care about the weather  
  • : Do try something new, send a postcard, buy a souvenir, act like a tourist! Don't wish you'd gone on vacation instead. Enjoy it 
  • : Try hosting couchsurfers and show them around for a different take on your home town
  • : Do be sure to share your local adventures with others just like you do when you get back off a vacation 
  • : Do something you won´t normally do. Don´t use the car. Do smile....always 
  • : Don’t do anything you do normally. Don’t tell people you're home 

Q4 via What other '-cations' words would you like to never hear again?
  • : Mancation. Horrid word. And makes me think of a mankini. Just no
  • : Confiscation - especially bottled water at airports! Such a waste
  • : Gentrification. It takes away original charm
  • : Carcation. It's called a road trip
  • : Not a '-cation,' but we just heard 'babymoon' used. Not sure we like it
  • : 'Greycation' sounds a little harsh - just because you're over 50, doesn't mean you feel old 
  • : Praycation sounds like pure torture
  • : Bro-cation! The word makes me cringe a bit

Q5 via What was your best staycation and what made it so great?
  • : Without doubt childhood memories-spending time in the wilderness near home 
  • : We're biased, as ex-Nairobians, our favorite staycation has always been Maasai Mara
  • : Going on summer bike trips through the Dublin mountains, but ending up back in your own bed. Cheap, fun and stunning countryside
  • : Two weeks around Egypt with a Norwegian friend was the best staycation ever! Discovered countless things so near to me 
  • : Any time I have friends come visit Toronto I have the *best* time playing tourist in my own city 
  • : When I moved back to Montreal. I had no money to travel, so I re-discovered my city. Never been more in love 
  • : Cornwall or Bristol - family silliness and exploring the area made for loads of great holidays over the years 
  • : The time I spent wandering around Madrid with my brand new camera last summer- like seeing the city w/new eyes

 And there you have it, "Staycations!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Staycations" discussion? 

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  1. I also do not enjoy the -cations. Good call.

  2. Dang I missed it this week! Love the staycation topic! Not missing it next week!


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