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#TTOT Round-Up: On The Water

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "On The Water!"

Q1 via Most scenic ferry / cruise you've taken?
  • : Galapagos Yacht La Pinta: sharks, marine iguanas and volcanic islands 
  • : Floating down the Ganges in Varanasi, India and seeing the Hindu cremations 
  • : Rhine River cruise in Germany
  • : I'd have to say sailing in the Togian Island, Indonesia. It's awesome to come into a mini archipelago like that 
  • : Definitely sailing around the Whitsunday Islands. Beautiful beaches,even more beautiful reefs
  • : Cruising through the Caribbean is beautiful. The color of the water is just mesmerizing 
  • : Going up the Amazon in Brazil on local ferries, sleeping in a hammock
  • : Yangzte River Cruise, The Three Gorges were just stunning 
  • : Dug out canoe, steered by man who made it, across endangered mangrove creek, to see wild flamingoes, east Kenya  
  • : For something local, the ferry ride crossing Hong Kong Island to Kowloon is pretty special

Amazing view of the Hong Kong skyline on board the Star Ferry

Q2 via What's the most unique form of water transport you've been on?
  • : Fishing boat exploring Tonle Sap Lake - Floating Village, Cambodia. Amazing experience 
  • : A swan shaped pedalo in Newcastle, Northern Ireland 
  • : Water skis 
  • : Mokoro (dug out canoes) in Botswanas Okavango Delta waterways... unique and a little scary 
  • : On the back of a dolphin
  • : A small raft rowed by a monk to get me across Lake Snagov to visit the monastery where Vlad the Impaler is buried
  • : I loved the boat buses in Venice. So strange waiting for a boat bus instead of a bus bus 
  • : Banana boats are really odd - great fun though
  • : A 1960's gin palace formerly owned by Onassis. Crewed her from Turkey to Malta 6 years ago 

Cairo's party boats along the Nile River

Q3 via Describe your favorite water based view
  • : Have to say the amazing sunsets as their colors reflect off the water 
  • : The view landing by seaplane in Victoria Harbor is pretty cool
  • : Quiet beach late at night, with a camp fire next to me reflecting in the lapping waves
  • : Underwater - with awesome visibility, like in OZ and Thailand. Wow. Whole new perspective
  • : Sunrise in Venice from a vaporetto on the Grand Canal after a great night of partying
  • : I love the feeling when you stand on a beach looking out on an ocean and all you can see is sea and sky, especially at sunset
  • : Sunset on the Okavango Delta from the comfort of a mokoro watching the hippos
  • : White sand beach, palm trees, clear turquoise waters, coral reefs, a hammock--Paradise
  • : View of the Bosphorus at night from one of the funky rooftop bars in Istanbul 

The Bosphorus view from MY favorite Istanbul rooftop bar

Q4 via Robyn Boswell What's the best water-based adventure you've had?
  • : Putting my head underwear in snorkel and mask for the very first time in Thailand - nothing could prepare me for the WOW
  • : Swimming with crocs at the Gibb River road in Northern Australia
  • : Kloofing in South Africa! Basically like a hike combined with cliff jumping off waterfalls, and you hike between falls  
  • : Lvoved the Nha Trang floating bar in Vietnam. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, so free surrounded by mindblowing beauty
  • : Whale watching with humpbacks swimming right beside the catamaran
  • : River Rafting on the Orange River was great fun
  • : Swimming with sharks was such great experience. Must admit, it was nerve racking at first but after awhile it was fantastic
  • : White-water rafting down Nepal's steepest river Bhote Koshi! Insane 

Q5 via What's your favorite way to travel on the water?
  • : Swim / Kayak / Sail. Ways that don't hurt the environment they're using
  • : Jetskis! Favorite way to travel on water
  • : Inflatable boat down a peaceful river - the Cesky Krumlov way
  • : On a yacht being served wine by a sexy man
  • : Diving for sure. A whole new world plus the added bonus of no seasickness
  • : A ferry/boat that has lots of room to lay outside in the sun, but also an indoor area with aircon 
  • : Ferries that are used as public transport in cities! Think Sydney and Istanbul. A nice alternative to the bus 
  • : On one of the fine looking yachts I spotted in Turkey. You know, the one that comes with a helicopter
  • : Has to be sailing, letting the wind take you 

And there you have it, "On The Water!"  

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "On The Water" discussion? 

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