Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Earth Day Blog RECAP

Hi everyone,

First off, thanks for following along with my Earth Day blog series! Now that we're about halfway through the blog series, let's see how we're doing!

Parker in Chicago introduced worm composting to six people in the Chicago area, Mi-An turns off the water when she brushes her teeth to help conserve water, Neil's learned to never bring styrofoam into my home, Cobo Duane recycles dirty magazines as wrapping paper, I shower like Jennifer Aniston to save water and we're all learning to go green-er, together!

What changes have you made to go green-er? What are you having trouble with? Did you calculate your carbon and ecological footprints? Have you managed to decrease your footprint in the last two weeks? Is there a topic that you want to know more about that I haven't discussed so far? Come on, I'm pretty new to this "green thing" too and I'm running out of blog ideas. Share and comment below. We're all here to support each other in the process!

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  1. Has anyone heard of Laundry Pure? I heard about it for the first time on the news tonight.
    I am certainly not green enough, so I have no idea if this is the type of ideas you are looking for Connie. :) Let me know!


  2. hello from the midwest :)
    i went back to a tiny town which has a population of 5000 in wisconsin. i felt like there is a HUGE gap between nyc, europe, and a midwest tiny town for a level of eco-conscious mind. i didn't know where to start because that has been their lifestyle and i feel like i would deny their life style by telling them how harmful it is to use styrofoam, burn things to warm their houses, etc. just a thought, i thought i would share... maybe eco-education should be required at every elementary school in the u.s....

  3. Hi Shoko,

    Again, another good point. I think I should write a blog about this because it's such an important topic. THANKS for the idea!!!

    Amie, is the blog helping you with going green-er? What else can I do to help encourage you?

  4. hi connie,
    i know you have blog about conserving water but i was also thinking of clean water -- in both underdeveloped and developed countries. we mustn't take for granted the clean water we have. we should take precautions to keep it clean (reduce pollutions, proper disposal of wastes etc. etc.) in underdeveloped countries, people die from contaminated water. i think there should be an increased awareness in this area. anyway, some helpful sites are listed below on how to keep our water clean.


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