Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Earth Day Tip #10: Workout, Bulk Up, Green In

Many of us want to be in better shape and are members of gyms (whether or not we actually go is another story) and unfortunately, with a majority of the equipment connected to an outlet during all hours of operation, not too many gyms out there are what we would consider green.

We may not be able to change the way our local gym operates, but we can certainly make our environmental impact less while we break a sweat. Even for those of us who aren't fitness buffs, there are ways to improve our own health while staying green.
  • Take it outside and enjoy the sun - Instead of cooping yourself up indoors when the weather's nice, jog, roller-blade or ride a bike outside. Go hiking and enjoy nature. For those living near the sea, go swimming in the ocean or take up surfing. I was probably in the best shape of my life when I was surfing in San Diego, all that paddling to tone my arms and back. In an effort to promote public health in Istanbul, the city has put up outdoor gyms for everyone's use. I have to admit though, it's kinda funny to see people using these outdoor gym equipment, but as you see, people ARE using them!
  • Play team sports - It's fun to get your friends together on a sunny weekend afternoon for a friendly game of softball, kickball, soccer, or touch football. Just don't go to Calle Ocho for their sangria brunch before your designated meeting time!
  • Replace driving with walking/biking - If you're not going far, leave your car at home and walk or bike to your destination. If you can, walk or bike to work occasionally.
  • Work out at home - Clear some space to do lunges, sit ups and stretches. Grab some canned food or soda cans and lift them to tone your arms and back. I sometimes would just blast my ipod and dance in my living room with my dog. It's fun and burns calories!
Here's a site dedicated to everything Green Fitness.

Do you have other tips for going green at the gym? Share them with us!

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  1. whoa! the outdoor gym is such a brilliant idea! doing yoga at home is also great. for those who don't want to pay to go to yoga classes, buy your own mat; there's so many different brands to choose from, but after many trials and research my favorite brand is manduka. they also have eKo Lite Mats w/c are made with environmentally friendly material; no PVC and toxic chemicals (this is the one i use). anyway, go to yogatoday.com
    it's free and there's a new yoga class everyday!
    happy workout to everyone!


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