Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Earth Day Starts NOW!

Earth Day 2009 is officially April 22nd but for the entire month of April, we're going to learn to be GREENer together! As promised on, we're going to start out easy, taking small steps towards making a BIG difference in the world.

As I see it, one of the hardest things about being green is knowing where to start. Ever since being green became "the new black," it seems like almost everything out there is eco-friendly. How can we cut through all the "green-washing" and find out what's really good for the environment? Another reason that seems to prevent people from being more environmentally conscious is the idea that since you're "not a tree hugger," there's little you can do.

WRONG! We're all a little green behind the ears when it comes to being green, but hopefully the month of April will help us find new and simple ways to turn that around!

My biggest fear with my Earth Month blog is that I'll sound too preachy. I really hope I don't come off that way. It certainly is NOT my intent. I don't think I'm better than anyone else simply because I choose to live a greener life and I don't think that those who aren't green now are ignorant, selfish and self-centered. To me, being green doesn't mean you give up life's comforts and conveniences. It's merely about making better decisions in your daily life that will be less detrimental for the environment. Everyone can do that. Let's start now!

First step in becoming green: Awareness! Really, that's it, awareness. Hopefully because you're reading this (and presuming that you're interested), your thought process toward what "being green" means is going to start changing. You're already on your way to being green! See, I told you it could be easy! Being green isn't about being a tree hugger, it's about thinking about how your daily decisions can effect the world.

If you want to really be aware of living a greener life, here are some really good sites to give you more information:
  • Treehugger (covers all aspects of green including travel, fashion, architecture)
  • A Green Living (advice on how to start living green)
  • Grist (environmental news and commentary)
Please, take 20 minutes and check out any of these sites to increase your awareness. Spread the knowledge! Comment with anything you found helpful, shocking, or just plain interesting.

And please, if at any moment, I start to sound preachy, let me know!

© Connie Hum 2009


  1. US poison company supplying Furadan to help kill Africa's lions! Here's the story:

  2. Connie, I hosted a worm composting bin-building party for couchsurfers a week ago... six new worm composters in the chicago area being the result. Organic waste rotting in landfills causes 13% of methane gas in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

    When (if?) you return, come through chi-town and I'll show you how

  3. I hosted a couchsurfing worm composting bin-building party a week ago! 6 new worm composters in chicagoland! woot!

  4. I've tried a non-worm compost in NYC. It didn't work out that well... I'm willing to give it another shot though and if the lesson's coming from you Parker, even more reason to do it! =)

  5. so many puns in so few sentences!

  6. The movie Earth is coming out on Earth Day connie. When I saw the trailer, I thought of you. I can't wait to watch it. It's such a beautiful portrayal of our planet and how we need to keep it healthy and clean for everything and everyone to survive.


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