Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EARTH DAY Tip: Celebrate by Encouraging Others to Go Green!

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Let's keep making Earth Day everyday!

I'm a firm believer that everyone can make small changes that will help make the world a greener place. Being green doesn't have to be a fringe group of tree-hugging hippies, just look at the group that's been reading and commenting along with my Earth Day blog series. Definitely no tree-hugging hippies in this bunch.

But how do we, the non tree-hugging hippies, get more people involved in helping to improve our world? Can we help make "tree-hugging" more hug-able?

The best thing to do to spread the green is to set an example. Show your friends and family how easy it is to be a part of the green movement by rocking your reusable water bottle and shopping bags wherever you go, send people amazing flowers from your compost-fertilized garden, recycle and ask friends and family to do the same (at least in your home) and so on. Once they see how simple and yes, even how enjoyable being green is, they might just start acting more green too.

The biggest thing is not to point out what in particular they are doing wrong. No one likes to get criticized and doing that isn't going to make people want to change their ways. You can make simple suggestions that focus more on how being green has benefited you and how it may benefit them too. "I used to spend so much money on bottled water but now, with my reusable bottle and drinking filtered water, I've saved so much money."

Another way to help people be more green is to let them know why being green is better for them, and not just the environment. People may not necessarily care about the effects on the environment because they don't think that it effects them directly but if you point out that styrofoam leaks chemicals into food and drinks which can cause health complications and possibly even cancer, then maybe people will think twice the next time they reach for a styrofoam container.

I also think that most people would be willing to be greener if they knew where to start. Encourage newcomers and help them get started on going green. Suggest little changes first and work your way up from there. Encouraging someone to sort their trash for recycling is a lot easier than convincing someone to invite worms into their home. Perhaps (and please take this as humbly as possible) directing them to this blog site may help? Treehugger is also a good resource for beginners.

I don't think it's realistic to turn a heavy duty consumer into a zero-emissions person, but if we can get even one person to do something differently, that is going to help the environment in a huge way. Especially since it's more than likely that each person will somehow be able to influence another. So go on! Try to get at least one person to do ONE thing greener! It really will make a difference!

In fact, I would like to know if and how I've influenced you in the green process. Have I? In what way? Please, stroke my ego. Haha...

Does anyone else have any good pointers for spreading the Green cheer? Please let us know how we can help others to the "greener side" of the grass. Thanks!!!


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  1. Happy Earth Day Connie!

    Let me first say that there is nothing wrong with hugging trees or being a hippie.

    Yesterday I was drinking box wine, and Franzia has made a point on the side of their box, listing the many ways in which box wine aids the environment. Less fuel and materials used in making boxes vs glass bottles... less weight used in shipping due to the packaging dimensions and weight... less wine wasted because their design keeps the wine fresh even after its opened. It was pretty funny / awesome.

    Anyway... every day is earth day, yes, but can we hear some more about Turkey? Turkish people? Widely held Turkish beliefs? Weird stuff they have that we dont? I've never been there and would like to know.

  2. Confuse-us say: "Better to be hugging trees than f***ing the Earth".


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