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Spotlight: AbsoluteLEIGH

Leigh has been using his voice since he was very young.  Leigh quickly found performing to be an outlet for him and after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a musical theater actor. After moderate success, Leigh decided to change his focus.  In 2010, he committed to becoming a television show host.  On March 22, 2011, absoluteLEIGH was launched onto the internet for the world to see, and Leigh could not be more thrilled.  He also works as a Life Coach as part of his own company, Boldly Coaching.  For more information on all things Leigh, visit

AbsoluteLEIGH, Leigh Cambre
1. What kind of person would benefit most from a life coach?

Anyone with the desire to live beyond their current life is a good candidate for life coaching.  I'm especially good at helping people make more money and create more time for themselves.  My specialty is working with artists, performers, and the creative minded and have LOTS of contacts within that world.

2. What is your best, unique quality as a life coach?

I walk my talk in a profound way. I not only coach people for success, but I LIVE my success and LOVE my life. I am not someone who, after failing at their dreams, decided to do coaching as a second option. Instead, I am pursuing my dream of being a talk show host WHILE coaching people for their success. My clients experience their dreams come true and get guidance from the coach that has experience doing it. I'm a dream creator coaching you into your dreams. Are you ready to step into it?

Leigh living his success& loving life in NYC
3. You're all about realizing potential. What do you think is the biggest factor keeping people from their own potential and how do you think people can overcome that?

The biggest de-motivator in a person's life are their energy blocks.  There are four big ones:  gremlins, assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs.  In our coaching process, when we come across one of these, I provide some tools to help move beyond these so you can take giant steps toward your biggest self.  One of my clients went from taking effort to avoid even reading about auditions to working as a singer-actor-dancer (tapping!) in a multi-show regional theater!  All because of tackling ONE energy block!!!

4. What is the most difficult part of being a life coach?

I find it difficult to limit myself to 45 minutes of coaching each week to each client.  All I want to do is help my clients succeed, so while I know my clients are taking huge steps toward their dreams, I often wish I were a fly on the wall so I could be there to keep up the momentum!!

Smiling with true bliss
5. So you have YOUR OWN TALK SHOW now! That's so exciting! Tell us more about it!

AbsoluteLEIGH is the result of hard work, persistence, experience, and opportunity aligning at the right moment.  I am a believer that if you want something, CREATE IT.  Don't wait for a moment when you will get picked or noticed.  Make them notice you by manifesting it yourself.  The show is about living your life openly, honestly, and boldly.  It films biweekly and airs on eGarage.  You can find all of the details at

6. What is your main goal with AbsoluteLEIGH?

I want to help people live their bliss. And I don't mean religious bliss--I mean the pure state of joy and happiness that comes from non-judgment, absolute passion, and creation. I believe that the topics I bring onto my show help align people with their true selves and, in turn, their bliss. That path only comes from self-awareness, so let's get that journey started. Who are you being today?

7. What are your own life goals in the coming year?

My goals are big and possible:  first 6-figure income year, first show on the actual television, 6-pack abs, and 100% contentment with my life. Let's do this! 

Looking forward to the coming year's goals
*Although Leigh is one of my best friends, he is also one of my greatest motivator in achieving MY dreams and living my life as blissfully as I can. I honestly don't know where I would be right now without him encouraging, pushing and motivating me to follow my heart and take that GIANT leap of faith in myself. Thank you, Leigh! 

What can a life coach help YOU with?

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  1. This is the first Life Coach interview that I come away taking them seriously, that I don't feel their trying to sell me an AMC pacer.

    Nicely done Connie!

  2. You're lucky to have such a great friend Connie!

  3. Thank you for the compliment tut honestly, that's the kind of guy Leigh is: he's SERIOUS about helping people!

    @ramblinbess You don't need to remind me! =)


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