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#TTOT Round-Up: Wildlife Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via : Which animal would you most like to have an encounter with?
  • : Polar bears. Really wants to see them in the Arctic before the polar ice caps melt 
  • : Has to be a big 5 safari with the lion in Botswana!!!
  • : The gorillaz in Congo would be a highlight for me!
  • : I'm still itching to kayak with the Orca's in San Juan, WA
  • : Grizzly bear, wanna hug that thing
  • : Next to pandas, I'd like to swim with the whalesharks
  • : I have too many... I'd love to see bengal tigers in the wild, an albino alligator in the wild, any coral reef diving encounters
  • : Going walking with these furry guys in Zimbabwe (see photo below)
© Rae Kokes and Acacia Africa

Q2 via : What's the scariest animal encounter you've had?  
  • : Saw man bitten by (non-venomous) cave racer snake in Borneo. It dug teeth in and wouldn't let go, quite a lot of blood  
  • : Scariest & best: diving with Great Whites in South Australia
  • : A porpoise breaking surface next to my canoe in Cardigan Bay; me suddenly seeing this bloody great fin...
  • : Swimming in a mountain lake as a kid, had a moose raise its head out of the water less than ten feet from where I was
  • : I was also once sleeping in a room full of scorpions. Which I found next day when the sun came up 
  • : HUGE Centipedes crawling all over my camp after big rains at Uluru. Screamed like a horror movie victim 
  • : Snake charmer in Tunisia pushing snakes in my face when I was clearly scared out of my wits
  • : Mama sea lion coming after me because I did a cartwheel too close to the baby sea lion.
  • : Leeches in the jungle in Laos were pretty scary - they got everywhere!!!
  • : Me being bitten by a Lemur in Longleat zoo then taken to the vets!!!
  • : Charged at by a rhino in Kruger National in South Africa. Terrifying but exhilarating all at the same time

Q3 via : Which 3 countries are best for wildlife travel & why?
  • : Costa Rica for the monkeys and sloths, SA for safaris, OZ for kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef 
  • : India for the tigers
  • : Nepal (Elephant trekking), Tanzania (the Ngorongoro Crater, what's not to love!?) and South Africa (diving with sharks!)
  • : Peru (Llama), Galapagos Islands (enough said) and Argentina (steak...)  
  • : Brazil, Botswana and Congo. I have no words to fairly describe it. JUST GO AND SEE!!
  • : The USA for diversity - wild Alaska to the Florida beaches, Australia, African Safari 
  • : Tanzania is our favourite place for the Big 5. Sri Lanka and Indonesia are great wildlife spots too

Q4 via : Where is the best place you can recommend for seeing wildlife naturally?
  • : Definitely African Savannah. Variety of animals in the open field. I think that's breathtaking 
  • : L├ítrabjarg in the Westfjords - Europe's biggest bird cliff! Millions and millions of birds!
  • It's hard to beat Alaska for seeing wildlife
  • : Raja Ampat in Papua, Indonesia...it's a heaven for divers
  • : Gallapo Islands, obviously. Apparently animals aren't scared of humans there because they are so well respected. Is this true? 
  • : One of my favorite places is right here in Cape Town! You can swim and spend the day with penguins at boulders beach!
  • : Tanzania, Amazon Rain forest, Galapagos islands, Australia and of course South Africa (yes Im being bias towards SA)
  • : Fish Markets in Amazonas ... Some crazy fish!
  • : Parismina, Costa Rica. Turtles!

Q5 via Do you think "wildlife tourism" is good or bad for animals?
  • : Not all tour operators who call themselves "eco" are that good, research to see if they help protect the wildlife
  • : I think it's hard. In one way it promotes awareness, but also risks ruining their environment
  • : Good to make lots of National Parks, but consider the indigenous population or it won't help
  • : People have to experience and appreciate nature to want to preserve it 
  • : Too many people involved in WT can cause exploitation. But, if too few are permitted then only the wealthy will enjoy them 
  • : They should limit the number of people visiting safaris or other places where animals reside. I think it's stressful
  • : The chances of doing it wrong are very high, but it's still possible and I think it's important to have wildlife tourism 
  • : i think responsible wildlife tourism raises awareness on problems the animals have and hopefully some people feel inclined to help  
  • : Tourism and the money it brings is by far the best way to get the funds to save the animal kingdom (and more)

And there you have it, "Wildlife Travel"!

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Have you got anything to add to the Wildlife Travel discussion? 

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