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#TTOT Round-Up: Round the World Travel

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT: 

Q1 via Robyn Boswell: What is the one unmissable country on each continent? Why?
  • : Oceania - New Zealand. Surf and ski in one day, can't beat it  
  • : If you can afford it, Norway/Sweden in the summer
  • : Oceana: French Polynesia- Flower scented grace, unfathomable green mountains, electric blue lagoons,soulful people 
  • : Latin America would be Argentina full of rich history and culture
  • : Asia- Japan. Sunrise over Yokohama when I was a student at Kanagawa. Happy days!
  • : Africa, Egypt. Just can't help my addiction to ancient history
  • : Europe = Ukraine. Tough travels, but damn worth it

Q2 via : What's the hardest thing about doing a RTW trip?
  • : The hardest thing for me would be the challenge of keeping my carbon footprint low 
  • : Packing to go home 
  • : Getting Past the toughest obstacle standing in your way - yourself
  • : Deciding on how long to stay in each place before you go as you may like or hate it
  • : Getting back to a routine life after the trip 
  • : Leaving my dog behind
  • : Overcoming the myth that it will end your "real" life. Travel is life. Not your desk job. Leave. Go. Discover
  • : Definitely coming home and that unshakable and rather depressing feeling that everything out there is carrying on without you 
  • : The world is a big place. Having enough time to see it without it being a blur is essential. Did it in 21 days, not fun
  • : Not losing my head...thinking I am invisible and going a bit TOO crazy whilst away just because I am away from my usual society!
  • : Paying for it 
Q3 via : How much money do you think is needed to travel the entire world via budget?
  • : I don't know. I don't do budget
  • : This just all depends. but I say $1,000/month average is doable  
  • : Depends how much beer you drink!
  • : We travel on $17 per person per day to go around Australia. Food is major expense
  • : It depends on the country, but you can get along well with €15 per day in many countries
  • : I'd rather spend more money and live at my level of comfort rather than less, see more and be miserable 
  • : I went round the world on $4. Bought a latte and let the earth spin under me
  • : Between $40 to $90 a day. Sometimes you don't want to share with 15 other people or catch the bus for 18 hours
  • : Hard question with all the variables.The figure of $20,000 USD seems to be thrown around as an average for a year per person
  • : WWOOFing i.e. working for food and accommodation, made my travelling so much cheaper (and more interesting)!

Q4 via : Any RTW destination that just was not worth it, wishing you had left it off your itinerary? Why?
  • : No, I do my research
  • : I hated kuta beach in bali and cabo in mexico, apart from those id return everywhere i think
  • : Venice was eh. I had high hopes. And I didn't like Barcelona all that much. Messy architectural styles and NYC-like odors 
  • : For me L A [Hollywood] bored me . Love the rest of USA 
  • : I thought Panama and Costa Rica were overrated. CR wasn't all that good value for money. I liked Morocco but way too many scammers 
  • : Tijuana isn't really a city for kids - except maybe the zonkeys (zebra painted donkeys)
  • : Any place at the height of tourist season annoys me. I want to see locals and pretend it's just there for me
  • : I'd plan to get out of Delhi and Cairo as fast as you can..

Q5 via : There are only 4 RTW stops allowed! Where would you go and why?
  • : India, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, and Indonesia because I have never been & I sooo want to! 
  • : My dream RTW: Africa South to North (pref by Land Rover), Trans-Sib Railway Russia-China, SE Asia/South Pacific
  • : I wanna spend my time to RTW Japan,Tibet, New Zealand because the landscape so amazing and for cityscape I choose Liverpool, England
  • : Sagres (old end of the world), Norway(fiords), Croatia (rakija), Slovakia (High Tatras). Focus on Europe
  • : Beirut/Lebanon, Sardinia, Iceland (+ Greenland if I may), Solomon Islands (+ all Pacific Islands)
  • : Ethiopia, Isreal, one of the stans, and any of those nice islands survivor was filmed on
  • : Morocco, Beijing, Havana, Galapagos...Casablanca, the future, the forbidden & the sheer beauty, respectively
  • : Brazil (to see mummys homeland) / San Fransico (music) / Moscow (vodka)/ Tokyo or any asian city really (food)/ Sydney (men) 
  • : Mexico: fish tacos / Argentina: dead cow / San Blas: Molas / Mexico again: Need me some more fish tacos
  • : Narnia, Middle Earth, Underland & King´s Landing

And there you have it, "Round the World Travel"!

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Have you got anything to add? 

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