Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Buzz at caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy

Hong Kong's very own caffè HABITŪ is celebrating its fifth anniversary in a big way with the opening of caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio! As one of the world's first coffee appreciation studios available to the public, caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio is hoping to cultivate the growing interest in coffee culture in Hong Kong.

Located on a relatively quiet street in Causeway Bay, caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio is a perfect setting for an afternoon of coffee workshops and tastings. The gorgeous 2,500 square foot academy is a converted apartment on the second floor and the eclectic vintage decor gave the space a compelling and inviting atmosphere.

During my coffee tasting workshop, I had the opportunity to learn proper coffee tasting skills and try the world's most expensive coffee, the Kopi Luwak coffee. The unique way that the Kopi Luwak coffee beans are processed, namely through the digestive tract of Asian civets (those new to coffee like to call Kopi Luwak "cat shit coffee") and the added enzymes are what makes Kopi Luwak so prized among coffee aficionados. I do admit that the Kopi Luwak certainly did have a smooth and full-bodied taste to it, but I'm not quite the connoisseur of coffee needed to fully discern the appeal of these special beans just yet.

Luckily, the expert baristas of caffè HABITŪ were on hand to help us learn the basics of coffee cupping (the technical term for coffee tasting) and how to discern the different flavors and aromas of the different coffees we sampled. Here is a sample of what Johannes Pong, nightlife columnist for HK Magazine, learned from our Coffee Connoisseur's workshop.

The goal of caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio isn't just coffee. The academy is looking to also promote art and a sense of creative community in Hong Kong. The studio will be hosting creative art sessions in conjunction with their coffee workshops, known as "Picasso Meets Espresso." It's a great idea and I love how caffè HABITŪ has optimized their studio space for this.

Coffee, art and creative workshops set in a lovely gallery-cum-dream living room space. I think I'm in love with caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio.

Workshops and events at caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio are available by appointment only. Events for private parties are also offered. Please check their website for details and class schedules. 

caffè HABITŪ Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio, 128-132 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(852) 3104 0075

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  1. This place is gorgeous indeed. I'd love to hold a group art jam session here, fueled cat shit caffeine.

  2. I had bought some "magic cat coffee" from Coffee Primero, who has patented a process for making poop-free kopi luwak via a patented enzymatic method. much more affordable ;)

    apparently this vietnamese coffee company also has a synthetic method. Tour!

  3. Nice! I've heard of Kopi Luwak before, and if I could build up the courage - it would be an awesome experience to try it! If I ever find myself in Hng Kong, I'll have to check this place out.

  4. How do they ever get people to leave? I'd be there till they kicked me out with the coffee, arts, workshops and more. Wow!

  5. @Razlan I would totally join you! Let's plan a #HKSpcialButterflies event there!

    @wired1000 But doesn't the synthetic process take away from the actual "kopi luwak"- ness of the whole flavor and aroma? I can understand why it's more affordable. How's the taste?

    @jaidels To be honest, no courage needed! Looks and smells exactly as coffee should! Taste is even better than normal coffee supposedly (I'm no expert and couldn't tell). Go on, try it! They folks were smart and thought of this in advance. That's why the Academy is open only by appointment! I'd live there if I could too! :-)

    @Oneika Are you still in HK? The Academy just recently opened and only by appointment. Would be hard to spot if you didn't know to look for it.


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