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#TTOT Round-Up: Time Zones

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Here's the round-up of this week's #TTOT on "Time Zones!"

Q1 via : What are your secrets for fighting jetlag?
  •  Suck it up and keep moving, well that, and cans of Coke
  • : I always put my clock forward to local time once I've stepped on the plane
  • : Going east: sleep v little night b4 (4 hrs or less), have red wine w/ meal, sleep till morning food service & then I am good to go
  • : Melatonin & sleep when it's dark, get up when it's light. No napping in between!
  • Travel so often that time differences don't phase you anymore
  • : I rarely experience it...because my travel adrenaline kicks in and I tap into it
  • : I don't drink alcohol on the plane anymore. Water, water, water
  • : Natural light also helps mitigate effects of jet lag
  • : Always try to stay awake as late as possible. Generally feel rested the next day once I've finally slept

Q2 via : When & where were your worst time zone & jet lag experiences?
  • : BNA-HOU-SEA-Vancouver to turn around 36 hours later
  • : London>Delhi>London>LA in a week My body didn't know what to do, it just stayed awake
  • : Tampa, FL to Naples, Italy .. The champagne & limoncello didn't help my cause
  • Flying from NY-LA-SYD-Cairns without any long layovers
  • : Woke from a dead sleep on an empty overnight train out of Rome to a standing room only commuter train. Everyone was staring
  • : Sydney to Amman: No sleep and then straight to a wedding and served Mensaf- a sheep's head with its eyes
  • : NY to London to Dubai to Cape Town & back. I'm still sleeping that one off
  • Korea to China. China to Dubai. Dubai to Bahrain. We saw every sunrise on our trip haha

Q3 via : Have you ever missed something because you didn't change your clock to the correct time zone?
  • : Missed the cruise boat and ended up getting stranded somewhere in the bahamas
  • : Once woke up in Norway hotel at 2 o'clock, panicking thinking I overslept. It was 2am & 'midnight sun' was up
  • : Never missed anything but my friend called me at 4am to tell me she was engaged...lives in japan and forgot what time it was here!
  • I slept through the hostel checkout time because I didnt know it was daylight savings. It happens in Uruguay but not Argentina
  • : Not with travel but with daylight savings - frequently turn up late forgetting to change clock. My trademark
  • : I'm kind of a dumb ass i never change my time to the correct time zone...i like having it on home time LA
  • : My dogs try to convince me that I'm jetlagged when the clocks get turned back and they have another hour to wait for dinner

Q4 via : Should we scrap daylight savings? Why?
  • : I rather like having it light outside super late with daylight savings and the summer time
  • : I don't think it's a hassle and love the summer evenings... keeps!
  • : Na, it's kinda fun, figuring out timezones, makes me feel more like i'm somewhere else
  • : Absolutely. It's pointless and confusing. Move your working hours if you like, but not the clock
  • : We live in the age of internet and electricity - time zones are obsolete
  • : Gotta love that day in fall when you normally have to leave the bar, but then you get an extra hour
  • Probably. As fun as it is to time travel, we lose productivity worldwide, and it's confusing for international travel and business
  • : But doesn't daylight savings just make us appreciate daylight more?

Q5 via : What's your most hilarious time zone confusion situation?
  • : Finding I was meant to be at the airport, when I was on Isla Mujeres a taxi, ferry&another taxi away from airport. But made it
  • : 5 year old daughter 8 TZs away on phone. She didn't believe I was going to bed & she just arrived from school
  • : Spending half of every phone conversation w my mum trying2 explain what time it was where I was & why
  • : My brothers had a great time getting straight on a flight after a heavy night out - air hostess wasn't impressed with the mooning
  • : Going to bed at weird time in Australia because of jetlag, waking up at 7 and not knowing if it was am/pm so I went back to sleep
  • Flight from Tokyo left at 7pm on Wed and we landed in Honolulu at 7am on Wed - Got to live that Wed twice
  • : Waking up, showering, getting ready to go, walking outside, realizing it was 3am 

And there you have it, "Time Zones"!

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Have YOU got anything to add to the "Time Zones" discussion? 

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